Sunday, December 13, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is Not a Snuggie

This morning the phone rang while Michael and I were scrambling to do all the prep work for dinner. Would I help out in Nursery today? Sure, why not?

(By the way, prep work for a crock pot dinner should not take over an hour. The beef and mushroom stew over mashed potatoes was delicious but seriously, I use a crock pot on a Sunday morning for a reason. That's the last time I start a Williams-Sonoma recipe without reading it through carefully first.)

We were late for church which is actually kind of unusual (thanks Williams-Sonoma) and we split up between two rows of folding chairs. Josh made it almost all the way through until he noticed Eric Endres (You may know him as Eric Herman, the man behind the viral hit "The Elephant Song") sitting in front of us.

Josh: "Mom. Mom. Mom. Who's that?"

Me: "Shh!"

Josh (quietly): "Is that Jesus?"

Me: "No it's not Jesus. Shh!"

Josh: "Santa?"

Me: "Let's go."

I don’t know if it’s just me (it’s not) but parents are hard to buy for. They won’t tell you what they want and they don’t need much. I decided (at the last minute of course) that I’d make them a photo book of our trip to England for my brother’s wedding in 2005. I just finished it up this evening and I know they’ll love it but what else to give? Tom bought them a huge flat screen TV that will show up at their house this week (SHHHH!) and he wants it to be from all of us. This is great, OBVIOUSLY, because it is a Fabulous gift of which he will except exactly $0 and ½ credit. The problem is that it won’t be waiting under the tree with a massive red ribbon.

(Oh and there’ s the additional problem of having to listen to the inevitable expletives that will fly when Dad installs it because just like Ralphie, my dad also works in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay.)

Michael’s asked me a few times what I’d like and you know, aside from the awesome chopper in the Williams-Sonoma catalog (Hint!!!), I can’t think of much. I want a gorgeous purse but can’t find one I like. He’s threatened to buy me a Snuggie—you don’t think he’s serious do you?
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