Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Too Am Dreaming of a Pottery Barn Christmas

Today I read an article on the Canadian Family Magazine website (don’t ask) entitled “I’m Dreaming of a Pottery Barn Christmas”. I could totally relate. I wish I wasn’t dreaming that dream but I am and it kicks me in the butt every year.

Yesterday, instead of unpacking right away, I totally dismantled the living room. Maybe ‘dismantled’ is the wrong word because we don’t own a mantle or even a fireplace for that matter. And how can I really be expected to properly decorate for this particular holiday without a mantle to drape with fresh pine boughs and handmade candles?

So anyway, I moved out all the toys and moved some furniture to the garage. I swept, scrubbed, and mopped till everything shone. ‘Shone’. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? But I believe it’s correct. But I digress. The kids helped me lug the tree in from the garage and with a minimum of raised voices and lost tempers, it was lit up by bedtime. Michael Sr. and Sierra did struggle a little with strings of lights that wouldn’t do their thing but eventually they made it work. Electric candles were glowing and I even had a poinsettia looking all festive at the entry table (thanks Pollicks!). Everything a picture of order and holiday cheer. *sighs*

(Just don’t look in the bedrooms. Or the kitchen or bathrooms for that matter).

I too am dreaming of that Pottery Barn Christmas. Or Crate and Barrel, L.L. Bean, Lands’ End, Restoration Hardware, Williams-Sonoma, whatever. You get the idea. I should burn those catalogs on my front porch. They completely screw with my mind. I see the bay leaf wreath and rationalize that I could totally use those in soups all year long. I need that wreath. And the couches we bought a year ago are bowed and the fabric is pilled. An unfortunate purchase. Doesn’t the Pottery Barn furniture look so much better? I think I want to make out with the Buchanan Sofa. It’s exactly what I should’ve been looking for. All these slick photos of perfectly appointed rooms, halls completely decked, make me feel a little inadequate. A lot like I’m not doing this right.

Which is stupid. I know, I know. Christmas isn’t about making my home look perfect. It’s about remembering the Lord, Jesus Christ and celebrating his birth. It’s about homemade ornaments and cookies and spending time with each other. It’s about God so loving the world and Redemption with a capital ‘R’. Broken ornaments and a sink full of dishes shouldn’t distract me from the beauty of that. I’ve got enough other things to worry about like writing Christmas cards, making cookies and gingerbread houses, and finishing and shipping all the gifts. Oh and when is the lighted boat parade?

I’ve got enough nonsense to contend with without adding the siren song of those alluring catalogs.
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