Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Have No Time For a Giant Zucchhini

I should’ve written something earlier. Now my need to write is competing with my need to bake delicious cookies, write a Christmas letter, and edit the Christmas card list. And finish knitting something, fold clothes, unload the dishwasher, fill it up again, scrub the kitchen floor, and clean out the fridge. Oops! Oversharing again.

I really do need to edit the Christmas card list. Just ask Michael who purchased 120 stamps for me yesterday. Not that 120 will cut it, but it’s a start. This year though, I vow to keep the list to family (okay, that still puts us close to 75) and (mainly) out of town friends who actually send us cards. With more than a signature. Seriously. Do NOT bother sending me a Christmas card without telling me something about your life since last Christmas. And a picture. A picture please.

Oooh! Michael just turned on “Better Off Ted”! I’ll pick this up later . . .

Okay. Anyway. Facebook sort of changes this (what DOESN’T Facebook change I ask?). It’s quite possible that I know more than ever about you now that we are Facebook BFF’s. I may very well see photos of you and yours on a daily basis. And since last Christmas, well, you know me VERY well. But still, it’s the Christmas card. I WILL write the silly thing. Soon. Really, I promise.

Should I tell you about how cold it is? Probably you are as sick of that topic as I am. It’s 4 degrees right now and I live in an OLD house. I can hear the ancient heat pump outside wheezing and sputtering, gasping for, I don’t know, a break? But no break seems to be in sight. The cats are suddenly indoor cats and my kids get fresh air only going to and from school. The ones who don’t go to school can feel the cabin fever setting in.

Josh was excited to go to MOPs today, probably for a change of scenery. It was the MOPs annual Christmas party and I was looking forward to the insanity of the gift exchange. This is how it work: We each bring something to give. We take a gift we didn’t bring and sit together in a circle. We open the gifts and sit them in front of us. A bowl is passed around with a pair of dice and each person rolls them. If they both land with the same number you have to trade what you have for someone else’s gift. But no one slows down to wait and see what happens. Every so often another bowl with dice is introduced until there are several going around. A timer is set when we start and when it goes off you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

I probably completely over-explained that but it’s pretty hilarious. And we’ve had years when the game was vicious! I’ll never forget the insanity when one of the gifts was a $25 P.F. Chang’s gift card. It was legendary. This year was a little more sedate. A lot smaller group, I guess. I came home with a candle. The gift I first opened was a large zucchini and several onions. I am totally serious. I would have tried to keep them but I didn’t need the burden of a giant zucchini looking at me, demanding to be shredded and baked into bread. These giant zucchini are vicious task masters and I have enough on my plate right now, don’t you think?
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