Monday, December 21, 2009

Deadly Sin #3

Okay, knitting fans, 1 slipper done and felted, 1 to go. Tonight Michael and I drove to Olympia to buy leather soles for them at Canvas Works (this is, unfortunately, not a gift you can surprise someone with AND have them fit properly). As we drove through Rainier I gazed longingly at the very closed Main Street Cookie Company and wondered aloud which days they’re open. I knew it was a strange schedule but the specifics elluded me. Michael announced that he was laying off the sugar. He was going to lean more in the direction of salty meats. I’m all for salty meats but I’ve got other plans. I’ve got a few more days left before I make any major stands in the Delicious Treats Department. Until the stroke of midnight next Thursday, I have every intention of seeing things through to complete catastrophe as far as sugar goes (just short of Diagnosis Diabetes).

After Canvas Works we drove a few blocks to Mercato Ristorante. It was either that or Matthew’s suggestion of The Tofu Hut. Mom assured me that it really is supposed to be quite good but the whole name was throwing me off. Something to try next time. Anyway, Mercato was very nice. As we sat and looked over the menu we overheard two ladies ask if it was too late for the Twilight Menu. Oooh! Twilight! Oddly enough it had less (read: NOTHING) to do with the book series and more to do with the time of day. From 4-6 p.m. they have a three course meal for $17.95 and as it was 5:52 p.m., we went with that. We started with a Cesaer salad and then both chose the petite sirloin steak, grilled with a gorgonzola-herb crust and served with Yukon gold mashed potatoes and fresh spinach. The bread that comes with the meal is crazy delicious. Oh and spumoni gelato. Doesn’t it just make you drool? It was super yummy. Wow. I should get paid for such advertising.

As we waited for our meal Michael started playing with his WolframAlpha app. I bought him for Christmas (who am I kidding here? He bought it and told me it was from me). This app. (or the website for that matter) is a computable knowledge search engine and he’s having fun playing with it. Here is what it had to say about today, December 21, 2009:

Today is the 355th day of the year and this is the 52nd week. It is no official holiday but it is the observance of Forefather's Day. It’s the 25th anniversary of the death of Lister Hill, the 21st anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the 41st anniversary of the Apollo 8 launch, the 50th anniversary of the birth of Florence Griffith Joyner, and the 100th anniversary of the death of engineer Charles Benjamin Dudley. We’ve got a waxing crescent moon, sunrise was at 7:55 a.m. PST and sunset was at 4:24 p.m. PST

That’s what? 8 hours and 29 minutes of daylight? Sort of depressing but it is Winter Solstice so it’s only getting better, right?

As we drove back through Rainier I stopped at Main Street Cookie Company to check out the hours of operation. Wednesday through Friday. How’s that for not much? Well, I’ll be heading there day after tomorrow or Thursday to continue the gluttony. Don’t judge me for choosing to sin differently than you! Do I sound defensive? Does this minivan make my butt look fat? Oh New Year, Dear 2010, you cannot get here soon enough.
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