Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in Yelm?

1975. What a year. I can't remember what I was opening in this picture (I'll post it on the She's in the House group site) but it must have been Fabulous. How else to explain that look? And the tree. I have to continue to remind myself that this is my journal (which I am SO excited to turn into my own little book on January 1) so I should add details my kids may find interesting later. Anyway, the tree. Mom had this thing about Noble Firs, the Cadillac of Christmas Trees (seriously, I just read that somewhere). Every other year we would dig up a Noble Fir and decorated it with velvet bows and satin balls.

(Because my parents were "green" before it was hip. Back when being environmentally conscious was referred to as being "frugal". Back when their hair was long, my pajamas were homemade, and I would sneak their Whole Earth Catalogs to get a real education.)

I've got it pretty good as far as married folks and Christmas go. We always spend it with my family. We're geographically closer from here but we did it even when we lived in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. They either came to us or we came to them. I feel guilty about it sometimes but Michael's parents are divorced and neither of them have places that could withstand an invasion of seven.

This year I thought we were having Christmas here. Michael didn't have much time he could take off and Tom and Charlotte will be in the U.K. with her family. Let the folks come here, right? That's what I was prepared for. And by prepared I mean being sure the internet gift orders are sent to our house and e-mailing my dad a list of what I want to eat while they're here (prime rib, oyster stew, French onion soup, his famous po' boys and seafood gumbo). Then out of the blue, Michael told me last night that he might take off next Monday and Tuesday and as he's got the rest of the week off, we could just drive over.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it? Except the part about packing for all these kids, making sure we have all their presents as well as room for said presents. Finding someone to tend the tortoise, cats, and fish (I think the black widow can fend for herself for a few days).

The folks called last night to gush over the Oh. My. Gosh. 42 inch TV a delivery truck pulled up with earlier in the afternoon. Too generous. Can't believe it. (Man this is hard to take half credit for.) But anyway, I mentioned that perhaps we could come over their way this weekend and stay through the holiday. That's all that took. So now we get to cross our fingers that all the lovely gifties we've ordered will get here by the weekend. Well, it should be a lot of fun, one way or the other.
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