Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cabin Fever

I don’t know where the time goes.

I don’t mean to remind you that I’m 40 or that another year is done. Another decade too. Kind of. Depending on your school of thought. I’m sort of fixated on something else altogether.

Today I had the whole day spread out before me. Lots to get done but hours and hours to work on it. I enlisted the kids’ help but after awhile it was enough to just stay out of my way. Actually, it would’ve been way more than enough if they could have done that simple, simple thing. The bickering today was off the charts. Insane. And it would come from NOWHERE. Someone would start mudslinging and then immediately claim another did something to them hours before. They know so much better than to give me that sort of excuse.

And the whining! Oh my goodness! The youngest two were in rare form today.

No task I started, including such favorites as microwaving a hotdog or opening an envelope, could be completed without the word “MOM!!!” or something equally annoying ringing in my ears.

So I had all this time but it didn’t amount to much. Yes, the house is looking good* but it took me four times the effort, brain power, and time. I was sure I was losing my mind some time around noon. By the time Michael got home I was ready to take a bath and hit the sack. By myself. And I hate to do that to him. Because he’s just about as frazzled when he gets home.

So. I’m starting to wonder if I need to go back to my old habit of getting up in the middle of the night and cleaning and doing laundry for a few hours. It sounds insane but the quiet is something I don’t get any other time. I don’t even mind working. Not a bit.

It was a day that tested the nerves and tried the patience. They are frazzled and I have none, respectively. That being said, I have to admit there’s nothing quite like a little Rock Band to sooth the savages beasts. At least for a little bit.

*So long as you don’t look in my closets or drawers. Or the back basement room, for that matter. Whatever. It looks better than yesterday.
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