Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Yesterday included not just one but two doctor’s appointments. Michael Jr. needed a tetanus shot and the doctor wanted to give him the once over since it’d been more than a year since his last check up. So, more crocheting. I wanted to finish this project quickly because I’ve got two more I need to crank out before Thanksgiving vacation is over. I honestly have no idea why I can’t settle on projects until the very last minute. Nothing ever strikes me as just right until that moment when accomplishing it in the time allotted is virtually impossible.

Michael’s at that age when you don’t want your mom going in with you to see the doctor. You really don’t want to go at all but having mom there would be unbearable. Eventually the doctor came out to get me and brought me back to the room we always find ourselves in. I wonder how many hours we’ve clocked in that room? I know it’s the same room because the painting on the wall never ceases to confuse me. I tried to find it online but didn’t come up with anything useful. It’s a painting of a woman in a hen house gathering eggs. She stands in this hen house with a bowl of eggs, gazing out a dirty window at some nondescript flora or fauna. Or building. Or mythical creature. I don’t know. Some point in space just beyond the hen house.

And this bothers me every time I see it! Generally speaking, hen houses do not smell nice. Why would a woman pause during this chore and gaze at something? If there was really something to see out that window a person would get out of the coop and go check it out. Or is this her Me Time? Her Quiet Place? Is she dreaming of life in the Big City or wondering what life would have been like if she’d become a nun or joined a roller derby team or married that wealthy industrialist’s son? I try on a different story every time I’m there but so far, none of them have explained it well enough for me.

So, back to the reason I’m sitting in this little room looking at this stupid painting. The doctor would like to prescribe something different for Michael’s eczema. It’s especially awful on his fingers and he ends up with cuts that get infected. I always tell him he needs to put hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin on them but he’s not great about it. When I told the doctor how we’ve been trying to handle it he told me that was a bad idea; it dries out the skin. We also tell our kids (especially our oldest two) that they need to shower daily. When the doctor told him to shower no more than three times a week, I just cringed. “See Mom!” He had this look on his face like he’d won the lottery. He was right and his parents were WRONG.

Why on earth couldn’t our doctor phrase it differently? Something like, “I understand why your parents would suggest you use these products but this will help even more, “ or “I understand why your parents would like you to shower daily but since this can be drying to your skin you’ll need to spot wash your feet, armpits, etc.” Back me up please!

Well, the Cat Who Ate the Canary look was wiped off my dear son’s face when he was informed that he needed not only a tetanus shot but also one for varacella and hepatitis A. Poor kid! I guess you can’t win ‘em all.
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