Monday, November 30, 2009

You Deserve a Medal or Something.

Time to go home. We left later than we’d hoped considering we packed a decent amount the night before. I kept looking at all the able-bodied people in our family and still haven't figured out why I have to work so hard to convince them to pitch in. There is always an excuse. If there's even one other person not working, there is at least one who will use that as a reason to sit this one out. Other kids hear this and jump on the band wagon. It's mentally exhausting. I can see why my mom just did everything and asked for little help. It's not the greatest way to raise adults (because I see no point in raising children) but I can see how it happens. Some things, in the moment, just don't feel anywhere near worth the aggravation. They actually are but it's sure hard to make yourself bother.

We made an out of the way stop at Wagner's in Olympia for a few loaves of cinnamon swirl bread and then headed up I-5. We stopped at Fat Burger and Krispy Kreme in Issaquah because we couldn't resist then I promptly fell asleep, and woke up on the other side of the mountains feeling horrible. Not really an I Ate Too Much horrible but just not good nonetheless. I'm always surprised that that's just one word. Nonetheless. Seems like it should be three. But anyway.

On the way over Michael Jr. checked the weather app on his phone and said it was foggy in Richland. That seemed odd since it was so sunny even as we approached the Columbia at Vantage. Then it appeared. What a sight! A huge bank of rolling fog was moving up the Columbia toward us. We hit it around Schwana and it was as if the sky had never been blue and the sun had never shined. Bleah. So home we headed. Almost. At some point Michael realized he didn't have the updated tags he needed for his car so it was straight to the county auditor's office, minutes before they closed for the day.

At home I walked in to see everything was still in it's place and the animals were alive. It's great to have friends who will help you out when you need it. The newspapers were piled up which bothers me because I did call in a vacation hold. I am the worst at reading old newspapers. It just doesn't happen. Next to all the mail and newspapers was our Sarah Palin book all signed and awesome. My dear non-Facebook friend who watched the house and tended the animals stood in line for HOURS to get a book signed for us. I didn't even ask! On that happy note, I did a completely unprecidented, uncool thing. I walked into our room, crawled into bed, and let everyone else unload the van. Oh my goodness did that Tempur-Pedic mattress cure a world of ills. I had the excuse of feeling awful but it still felt sort of unmom-like.

You are such a die-hard. I love it. To have read through those last four paragraphs, you deserve a medal or something.
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