Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tonight was Pack Meeting for Kenny. This summer when he turned eight he became a Cub Scout and finally, at last month’s meeting he received his Bobcat. It shouldn’t have taken that long but it’s just one more thing I don’t have a complete handle on.

When the boys receive their rank advancements they’re given a pin to give their mothers. In theory they’re supposed to pin it ON their mom but I did the honors because I avoid being punctured whenever possible.

(This and keeping my blood INSIDE my body are two rules I live by.)

So I have this pin and believe me, I earned it. At this stage in the game, if mom isn’t making sure certain requirements are met, mostly they simply don’t get met. End of story. So I have to be all Organized and Fantastic to make sure he’s getting it all done. I am only Organized and Fantastic on a sporadic basis so he’s managing his way through scouts, so far, in fits and starts.

I think it’s hard for me because I’m the kind of person who needs to SEE what I’ve got to do. I look at those handbooks full of requirements and my head spins. I know my boys will do a certain amount of these things with their dens and troops but ultimately, I’ve got to help them get organized and focused and directed. That’s right, Me. The disorganized, unfocused, adirectional Me. I aspire to be all those Fabulous things but let’s be clear, it’s my Struggle.

Kenny’s just starting so I’m hopeful I can stay on top of it. Michael Jr.’s already got five years under his belt with plans to earn his Eagle. It’s a big deal and sometimes I just wish I could hire a professional to be all organized about it. To create a chart, a time line, be connected with Scout leaders and generally point him in the right direction. Like a Scout Mentor. I guess some kids have something like that in fathers who’ve either been scouts or even just involved with the scouting program in some way. Dad’s who know the ropes and who may even count as merit badge counselors. That would help.

You know what else would be great? If more local companies and groups would offer merit badge clinics. If there was some sort of local website that listed the ones that were available. It’s not that it never happens but I don’t hear about it often. Not long ago I read about one at CBC organized by Areva for the nuclear science badge and it was something that took place over the course of two Saturdays. This was great because even with a dad with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering, it would’ve been a pain for us.

Lest I sound like a complete complainer, I have to say I’m awfully thankful to those men and women who devote the time they do to scouting. If I’m overwhelmed with two scouts I can’t imagine what a whole pack of them would be like!
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  1. In other words - DO NOT CALL ME TO SCOUTS! ;) Duly noted. =) Congratulations to you and Kenny! He looks thrilled.


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