Friday, November 13, 2009

Savor the Flavor

Another night checking in later than typical and tonight I’m writing only because I always write. I am sleepy.

Today is a Hanford Friday off and Michael was looking forward to maybe sleeping in a little and getting some things done around here. By “around here” I don’t mean the house or yard or anything domestic like that but there’s always something in desperate need of doing. Whether it’s bills, his app, church phone calls, or other stuff from work, there’s always something. We stayed up late last night and in the end he had to spend all day and a lot of the evening at work. Some sort of deadline. I wish I knew more about what he does but asking doesn’t help much. He always loses me at Safety Significant and The Inanimate Carbon Rod.

I need Nuclear Engineering for Dummies.

So anyway, this stuff happens. When you’re salaried you work as much as they want you to, without additional compensation, even on your day off. And then you get down on your knees and thank the Lord above that you have a salary. I don’t want to sound like a total whiner (it’s not like I was working) but I definitely am.

Savor the Flavor started today and I volunteered us to work at it from 4-9 p.m. When I said we’d do it I was told we’d be wandering around helping out workers who needed to take breaks here and there. It sounded like a nice way to spend a few hours together and taste some great local food. Unfortunately Michael didn’t make it home before I had to leave. I showed up solo and was told there was a change of plans. I was sent to the box office and there I sat selling tickets and explaining the event until Michael arrived around 8 p.m. I was kind of disappointed because I wasn’t able to see Melissa d’Arabian’s presentation but I did get to meet her before it started. I had no idea I was speaking to someone of any celebrity caliber at the time but with a basic cable subscription I think I can be forgiven.

I guess the time went by pretty fast but I was so hungry for all the delicious food I was smelling. A young girl volunteering kept approaching the guy I was working with and asking if he’d like her to get him some food. And he kept saying yes. And he kept eating it in front of me!

The highlight of my evening up the point of actually EATING the food was when a member of the Benton-Franklin Sheriff’s Pose came up and asked if we could move a mirror. It was tilted at such an angle that the young girl playing the piano and singing gospel tunes was giving the audience a unintentional free show. Goodness!

Once Michael arrived we went around sampling. I had a fried oyster, a chocolate gorgonzola truffle, a pork carnitas taco, brisket and baked beans, cannoli, chicken paht thai, and a weird carrot cake with cranberries in it. How is it possible that I’m still hungry?
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