Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PTA Princess

My name is Tiffany Quintana and I am not a PTA Princess.

This morning I looked through Kenny’s school folder and found a bulky envelope addressed to me (yes, I do that in the morning instead of the night before. Believe it or not, this routine act of laziness has only occasionally backfired on me). Inside was a Nestlé Crunch bar with a pink bit of paper glued to the wrapper. Decorated with a bejeweled (literally) crown, it stated, “I am a PTA Princess”.

Is this a national campaign? Or did our locals dream it up? My eternally optimistic, ever-smiling friend Wendy Christensen even dressed as a PTA Princess at Back to School night in September. Hilarious!

So back to the chocolate bar. This was a little late in coming because I was a little late in paying up and joining the PTA. Last week I found the envelope in my purse with the check for it. The check I meant to drop off weeks and weeks ago. But even this is timely for me; I haven’t paid my dues and been a part of PTA in years.

BAD! Bad, bad, bad, bad! Right?

Truth be told, even when I was a member of the PTA I did almost nothing. Almost. I never went to any meetings and my wonderful friend Kerrilynn Robinson, current PTA President and past, present, and future over-achiever, would always appoint me to jobs that were essentially zero work. Like being the parent in charge of the Science Fair. Sounds like a big deal except THE TEACHERS are in charge of the Science Fair. My job was only to be the contact person if the teachers needed any help from the PTA. And they almost never did. I think once I picked up ribbons for the winners. Ta-dah!

Does any of this surprise you? I think a lot of people are quite deceived about me, either believing I’m much more or far less involved and capable than I actually am.

There are women I see every time I’m at school and I know they’re putting in the hours of at least a part time job. I look at them and wonder how they have so much time. I can barely keep up with the laundry and cleaning in the hours I have. I guess when Josh is in school there will be more time but I’m not so sure, even then, that you’d find me spending a lot of time at Jason Lee Elementary School.

My goodness that sounds AWFUL doesn’t it? As if my child’s education means nothing to me. Good grief, enough naval gazing for one afternoon.
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