Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pass the 'Stache

Sierra bought these sticky, icky mustaches out of the coin-op prize machine at the dentist/orthodontist office. She only agreed to a photo if I’d wear one too. We were hoping for black but this works.

Starting a little late tonight. We had a late afternoon appointment with the orthodontist to get a rundown on how he plans to reign in Sierra’s rogue teeth, we bought more groceries than planned, and I made five dozen muffins for Sam’s Kindergarten Fall Fiesta tomorrow. They’re done and pretty much, so am I. I’m looking around and see plenty more to do but mentally I’m calling it a day.

I’m wondering if Sam’s party is a “fiesta” for any particular reason. Maybe only because it starts with “F”. According to Sam the party has no particular Spanish influenced-theme so that must be it. I wonder what kinds of looks I would get if I showed up in Michael’s old serape in the cedar chest downstairs? I don’t have a sombrero but wouldn’t that complete the ensemble? I guess I wouldn’t actually do it unless I had some co-conspirators but my mind does wander.

Tonight I’m also thinking about Sierra’s teeth. Coming up with a plan to get her flossing EVERY night before the braces are actually put on. Flossing when they’re on will be a whole other can of worms but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it. Also, what will this girl look like without those crazy front teeth? She never breathed a word that they bothered her until Dr. Burleigh asked if she’d like to start getting them under control now instead of waiting for her twelve-year old molars to make an appearance. “Yes! When?” she said. So she’ll be starting in January with just the front bit. I think the teeth sort of contribute to a little girl-look and I’m not super excited for her to start looking like anything else. I’m in no rush but time waits for no mom, right?
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