Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not Again

Another late night of Phase 10 featuring me, The Biggest Loser. I play because I like to spend time with my family. There’s a lot of talking and laughing. We reminisce about the years we spent growing up on the farm, we laugh at each other. Tonight we discussed the false economy of the low-flow toilets Dad installed that require multiple flushes and about the time Tom made me think there was a stranger in the house when I should have been alone. Nothing that would be interesting to anyone else.

My children were up till all hours tonight. A proper mother with a respectable skill set would’ve had them brushed and put to bed by, at the very latest, 9 p.m. but there’s that small but domineering part of my brain that says, “This is your vacation! Enjoy yourself!”. And I listen. Which is stupid because like clockwork they begin to gravitate toward me, getting louder and more demanding as the evening progresses. Demanding my attention and depending on the age, dissolving into tears of overtired frustration. What I don’t end up with is any real adult time and I contemplate dissolving into my own puddle of tired and done. By avoiding the trouble of facing down the natives and enforcing a bedtime routine I’ve only given myself a different and arguably worse scenario to contend with; lazy doesn’t seem to ever pay off.

Tonight the game (as always) seemed never ending but we actually played until Tom won. We started before dinner and it’s after 11 right now. My mind is officially numb. I asked Tom to give me a topic to write about because I had nothing to work with. His suggestions were:

1) Goat herding

2) The State of Iowa

3) Transistor radios

Lucky for you I know nothing about any of those things.
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