Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Yard Will Just Be Full of Leaves Tomorrow

This would’ve been a gorgeous day to hike Badger. Instead we set about raking the zillions of leaves scattered about due to an alarming lack of strong winds as of late. I even did the honorable thing and raked the piles on the sidewalk in front of Mr. Malley’s house. I need all the brownie points I can get with my generous pool-owning neighbor; summer’s just around the corner. Sort of. Well, not at all but memories of that sticky hot summer are seared into my brain.

How is it that raking (and raking and raking, and raking) has me digging out the Icy Hot? Hiking Badger doesn’t even do that. There’ll be plenty more leaves in the coming weeks and months so I suppose I’ll toughen up. Great. More opportunities to enjoy Michael and Josh’s rake guitar solos.

Sierra just walked up and showed me the lyrics to “Chocolate Rain” on her phone. Great. Just when I had that stupid song out of my head. Finally. I wonder what it is about it that gives it such brain-sticking power? But, like David was saying earlier, “Male Prima Donna” is just as tenacious. Michael’s been playing it pretty regularly and it’s taken a song as hideous as “Chocolate Rain” to dislodge it from my addled mind.

The last funny phone-related thing Sierra showed me was a message she received yesterday. It was from a man who thought he was calling a guy with an ad in the Giant Nickle. He wanted to let him know that he has a ’69 but it’s a coupe, not a fast back. Actually that isn't a bit funny but we still laughed. We debated calling him back but decided against it. The last time that happened a woman called letting her know she and the ladies would be meeting at Denny’s for mai tais. Doesn’t that sound like a high-class meeting of the minds? We had fun with that one for weeks!

Oh, speaking of Sierra’s phone, here’s something to keep an eye out for: Yesterday Michael was going over our bill and found some third party charges to Sierra’s phone. He called AT&T and found out that some company sent her text messages. If a person doesn’t reply with the word “Stop”, they will begin billing you. She had two monthly subscription charges for $9.99 each! Our account will be credited but it makes me wonder how often these things go undetected. Man, people can be such jerks. Lucky I have so many folks in my life that let me know every day that maybe most people aren’t.
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