Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm May Never Be Hungry Again. But Probably Not.

I slept in till 8 a.m. I feel a little guilty when I do that here because I know someone else is running the show and keeping an eye on Josh. Yes, I feel guilty, but not quite guilty enough to not actually do it. It feels so GOOD.

As is the custom here, once I was up, everybody gathered for what’s referred to as The Greasy Breakfast. I know that sounds gut wrenching but it just means there’s an egg product, pig flesh in multiple incarnations, and often pancakes as well. Dad and Mom do breakfast up big time. This morning there was homemade sausage as well as pancakes and pancake French toast (bread dredged in thinned down pancake batter). A person could skip the rest of the day’s meals and wouldn’t know the difference. Food is love around here and they love us hard.

After breakfast Michael Jr. and Sierra came up with a new way to entertain themselves. They send each other texts in Hebrew and then use a translator to see what it means. I realized I needed to put an end to it when I received this translated bit: “He grinned rubbing relationship with you and you threw it.” Seriously. Ick. I think I’d rather them stick with English and forgo the texting altogether. In fact, if they’re so big on communicating with the written word, maybe I should conscribe them into my literary army and have them write our Christmas letter. It could use some humor.

So this is the time of year I generally have the Christmas letter written and ready to roll. For some reason I just can’t/haven’t been able to make myself write it. Usually I have so many things I’d like to share with the people we don’t see day in and day out. Then again, I’ve been sharing and sharing every day since mid April and I imagine there’s not much I can add. Additionally, this has been, hands down, the worst year of my life. Like catastrophically Awful. And when you’re the author of your own awful, how do you sit down and write a synopsis that feels authentic while still encapsulating that must-have vibe of “I’m So Freaking Thankful My Family Is Awesome”? No can do. Because while my family probably is awesome, a list of our accomplishments is not exactly what my letters are about. I strive for something greater than a yearly brag sheet. I’ll probably just take my Dad’s advice and write anyway. Like he says, “Bad decisions make the best stories”.

After eating a big lunch we had no business consuming, we took Michael Jr. and Sierra to see “New Moon”. I kept hearing all this talk about “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” but didn’t get it. I guess when I read the book I didn’t pay much attention to Jacob because Bella was in love with Edward. I think maybe Edward is less impressive on the big screen than in my mind and Jacob, well, you can’t exactly ignore the boy’s abdominal region. My husband gave me a hard time about it but I certainly wasn’t among the post-menopausal, borderline pedophile ladies ooh and ahhing over him in the theater. It was obscene! In fact it was more entertaining listening to them react to the bare-chested werewolf boys than watching the actual movie!

So after a big dinner and another night of watching “Dancing with the Stars” with my parents (because Dad fell asleep part way through it last night), I’m calling it quits. Tom and Charlotte arrive tomorrow morning and we’ve got some catching up to do. And serious power eating. Heaven knows I’ve been practicing.
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