Thursday, November 19, 2009

Homeschooling Spider Woman

How are the older kids doing with homeschooling? Hmm. That’s a good question.

They’d be doing significantly better if their books and supplies had arrived by now but according to UPS all the boxes have an ETA of Monday. Or would that be an EDA? Is that even a real acronym? And who ever came up with the slogan “What can Brown do for you?”? I guess it’s famous and we all know it but “Brown”? I don’t know. It just doesn’t work for me.

But I digress. As usual.

What the kids can do right now is arrange their schedule, take some history lessons, and spend some time on Study Island (this is considered a public school option and Study Island is some sort of a WASL prep site). I’ve also checked out a few lecture series on CD from the library that they’re listening to. Anything to make me feel like they aren’t completely wasting their time.

We were a little confused about the math curriculum on its way but I think we’ve got a handle on that. Michael was scheduled to take Pre-Algebra B and Sierra will be taking Pre-Algebra A. I’ve been told that Pre-Algebra is a two year course through K12 but that still doesn’t make sense because she’s a 6th grader and he’s an 8th grader. It also makes no sense in light of the fact that he took Algebra last year. I contacted the virtual principal (who happens to be an actual person) and found out that if Michael can pass the 2nd semester assessment at 80% or above, he can move on to the next level of math. We printed it out tonight and we’ll see how it goes. Theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem but who knows.

What’s been of particular interest to me in the past week has been the relationship between Michael and Sierra. It’s usually (unfortunately) what I’d consider Substandard. They get along some but with a generous sprinkling of lame stuff too. Antagonizing each other, trying to get each other’s goat (I always tell them no one can get your goat if you don’t have one but they just look at me like I’m crazy). During this week of extra togetherness, they’ve actually been pretty nice to each other. They seem able to work together without the usual stumbling blocks. This morning Michael found a recipe for pretzels but he’s not as comfortable in the kitchen as Sierra is. She helped him figure out some things and together they rolled them out, boiled, and baked them. And they were pretty darned good too.

How am I faring? Gosh you’re sweet for asking!

I’m doing pretty well. The kids are asking for jobs to do since we began handing out “Daddy Dollars” so that’s a very good thing. They’re meant to be earned by doing what’s asked the FIRST time it was asked but now they’re trying to earn even more by coming up with jobs. This is bound to drive down the value but whatever; they’re being especially good so I’m grateful.

This afternoon I got to play Kimball Avenue Spider Woman again. Aidan came down to ask if I’d come get a black widow they found while raking. She was probably a good looking specimen earlier in the season but she was slow and wrinkly now. I’ve got her in a jar in the kitchen but I imagine she won’t last long. Not enough flies and other spiders around to make a difference.

Well, enough for tonight. Is “The Office” new?
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