Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Haircut or Only I Could Devote Two Entire Posts to My Hair

Well folks, I did it.

I asked everyone what they thought and the vast majority told me to stick with the longer hair. Most everyone except my husband. He said short and much darker. I decided to take a chance on something different and I think it worked. My hair stylist (Tamara Pruett at The Split End in Kennewick) is a miracle worker. There’s no way my thick obnoxious hair should be able to do this. My kids, on the other hand, aren’t totally impressed. I didn’t warn them that I was doing this so they were shocked when I walked in the door. Josh yelled, “That’s disgusting!”, Sam yelled, “Stranger danger! 911!” and Kenny asked if I could rewind and undo it. Oh well, they’re a tough audience and they’ll get used to it. Or not. I think sometimes (read: ALWAYS) they forget that although I’m theirs in a sense, I am MINE.

That took all morning because I have Difficult hair with various and sundry issues including but not limited to being coarse, frizzy, thick, partially gray, and Ridiculous. So, while Tamara wrangled it, I kicked back and relaxed. It was kind of nice to have a morning semi-alone but of course the mind wanders to the thousand and one things I wasn’t getting done. And continuing in that vein of blowing off chores, soon after I came home we took Josh to the “Superman Can” CD release party at Hastings. He had fun watching Tory sing and dance but tonight he told me that “Wiggles” the fish scared him. I have to admit those eyes do freak me out a little too . . .

Some small bit of business was accomplished today when the kids planted some bulbs. I had a bag of 75 massive King Alfred daffodil bulbs and a smaller bag of something else but on their own they didn’t get much accomplished. After much complaining about hard dirt, Michael came out with the post hole digger and helped them out. Just before dark they’d all done enough to earn Peanut Buster Parfaits.

The Prices stopped by to visit today and we talked about some home improvements we’d like to make. I mentioned wanting to dig out a basement under the kitchen addition (still don’t know if that’s feasible) and Kenny piped up with, “I’ll do it! I’m great at digging!”. We all laughed out loud; this from the child who not ten minutes earlier had announced that he could not possibly dig another hole for a daffodil bulb!

In all fairness I should add that although I was worthless in the chore department today, Michael washed the dishes and changed some light bulbs and the kids cleaned the basement, their bedrooms, and the living room. Maybe I should take off Saturday mornings more often. Just kidding Michael!
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  1. Not just kidding! Do It! Take a few more Saturdays off for yourself (or other days)!


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