Monday, November 23, 2009

Goodbye Nikki Mans!

This was conference day for Kenny and Sam. I have to admit I sort of hate conferences. They just seem pointless. The teacher goes over everything on the grade sheet which, having been a student, teacher, and parent of many years, I could definitely figure out for myself. By and large these are good students so I’m just hearing what I already know. What I’d rather do is go out to dinner with these ladies and get to know them as people. I mean I already know my kids. Of course this isn’t the case for all parents. I’m sure conferences are much needed interfaces for plenty of folks.

Kenny’s conference was definitely the shortest on record. It ended as his teacher handed me a piece of paper from the library; a book was overdue. Not significantly she said but overdue none the less. The title was “Boobies”. She quickly assured me it was about birds. She must’ve seen me break out into a cold sweat.

Sam’s conference was almost as short and just as sweet, minus the false alarm library book scandal. His teacher believes she’s almost done calling him Kenny (she was Kenny’s kindergarten teacher as well) and he’s A Pleasure to Have in Class. Bueno.

While I waited for Sam’s conference to begin, Sierra texted me that their school supplies had arrived.
Let the learning begin! The boxes upon boxes from K12 were finally here. The kids tore them open and separated books, supplies and teacher’s guides between us.

Just in time; Nikki needs boxes

Our friend Nikki, quite suddenly, is moving to Nebraska. Next week no less. Her husband accepted a job pastoring a church in a small town there and soon they’ll be on their merry way. And it will be merry. I just know it. Nikki is fun and will make it fun for the whole family even though it’s far from family and far from old friends. Even though it’s Nebraska.

Tonight some of us surprised her with a farewell dinner and we donned Christmas sweaters in her honor. Not actually owning one myself, I borrowed one from my neat-o neighbor lady Berta. With jingle bells for buttons, it was the most heinous of the bunch! As a group we were quite a sight. And zillions of photos later, some goodbyes were said. I think I actually didn’t quite say any real goodbyes; there’s always the internet to keep us all connected.

So happy trails friend, I know you’ll figure out what’s crazy and fun and totally ridiculous about Nebraska and you’ll tell us all about it.
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