Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Get A Clue

Last night as I cleaned up after dinner I noticed a sheet of paper I should have done something about a week or so ago. It was a permission slip for Kenny to go to the library with the Cub Scouts after school today. Oops! I figured I should probably get it to a leader instead of entrusting it to Kenny so I filled it out and headed for the door.

One of his leaders lives around the corner on the next block, not even a five minute walk. I really should spend more time with her. In the late spring I got to know her at a book group that met once a week but when it ended I only saw her in passing at church. She’s one in that handful of folks I know who aren’t on Facebook and who don’t read my blog--the dynamic feels almost strange. I’m so used to my friends and neighbors knowing what’s up as soon as it happens; it’s weird deciding what to actually say to people. I have to stop and remember that they probably don’t know that I spent yesterday getting shots for everyone and that we almost planted an 18 ½ foot maple in our already tree-crowded front yard last weekend. It’s not like I think most people actually care deeply about any of this but these are the people I’m always confusing. Leaving out details, forgetting they have no idea what I’m talking about.

Another friend like this is someone I see almost every day. She brings my older kids home from school and we talk as we wait for our kids at the elementary school. I’m forever having “Oh Yeah, I Didn’t Tell You That” moments with her. Also the “Couldn’t You Just Humor Me and Join Facebook?” moments. Those “If You Really Loved Me You’d Read My Blog” moments and the “I’m Really Not That In To You” moments. Actually, I don’t think she even knows I have one. If you don’t want to be connected enough to be on Facebook, you probably don’t want to be reading about my scintillating existence on a daily basis. Probably. She says, “You and that Facebook!” and laughs at me. It’s okay; I love her (I even texted her as much yesterday thinking I was texting Michael . . . ). I’ve been on her side of the fence and I like it better over here.

I need to pay more attention though. It’s easy to miss some important things when they don’t show up on my Home Page.

When I walked up to hand over Kenny’s permission slip, the door was open. I knocked and walked in when I heard the invitation. The house was a wreck and the kids were running around. My friend seemed completely done for the day. Guess what I didn’t know? They’re moving. They’ve been packing up and moving and she was worn out. I came in and we talked for awhile. They’re only moving a few blocks away so we’ll still see them at church. What was incredible to me was to find out that our youngest boys are very close in age. How’d I miss that? Easily. Way too easily.

So I offered to take them any time, especially with the packing, etc. I didn’t expect she’d actually take me up on it; people are like that. No one wants to bother anyone. But you know what? She called me this very afternoon and asked if I could watch her boys while she took the scouts to the library. Absolutely I could. Maybe if I start paying closer attention I won’t need my Home Page to get a clue.
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