Monday, November 2, 2009

Flu Shots and Stuff

Maybe better late than never, I lined up for my flu shot today. Sierra was home yet AGAIN and we risked H1N1 exposure so the doctor could check out a painful ear. The seasonal flu shot was available so we waited to be seen again. Sierra vacillated between Okay, Okay and Maybe Later but I think she knew the score; we weren’t leaving without a bandage and a lollipop.

To placate her I went first. As far as shots go, it was essentially painless. I’ve definitely had much worse. She complained and whined a bit but soon it was over and, well, she continued to complain. I couldn’t understand why; it was only a little sore. Eventually a nurse came and took her from me while I waited to settle up with the receptionist. A veteran of the Injection Room, she recognized quickly that the girl needed a Saf-T-Pop.

I’ve had this feeling for days. My throat, my eyes, my stomach, they all seem on the verge of something no good. I’ve felt this way before, always before coming down with some sort of crud but it’s never lasted this long. I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of Something. And I’m definitely off my game.

Did you have a fabulous Dia de los Muertos? I looked at the photos my cousin posted of my aunts and uncles decorating the graves of our kindred dead. I hope one year I can join them for All Saints Day. I wonder if they still visit the cemetery at Ave Maria? The church building’s been gone for years. Sierra celebrated by making Pan de los Muertos and posting the recipe and photo on her blog.

Michael is officially sick so I took Michael Jr. and Sam to Science Night at Chief Jo tonight. I would’ve rather curled up on the couch under a blanket but Michael Jr. asked to go and the boy asks for almost nothing. He rescinded the request as soon as he saw me walk into the living room after dinner. He said I looked like I might pass out driving. I assured him I wasn’t that bad off; I could hold it together just fine.

Sam joined us and no one passed out coming or going. We looked through a huge telescope at craters on the moon and let Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches crawl on us. We looked through a microscope at aphids and made paper airplanes. When the person over the loud speaker told us that the winners of the drawing would soon be announced, Michael looked at me and said, “They’ll call my name,” I just laughed. Oddly enough, his was the second name called. He gave me a look that read, “See?” and sauntered off to claim his prize. He was a little disappointed when he came back with “Outrage!” The Official Board Game of the Tower of London. I thought it looked vaguely interesting and hey, it wasn’t the latch hook pillow kit Desiree’s daughter ended up with. Sam’s name was also called out and he won a temperamental plastic light-up clapper from The Dollar Tree. He was in seventh heaven.
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  1. Riley won and chose the light up hand clapper too. I suggested (persistently) that she keep it at school in her locker, but to no avail. We will have to post pics when Emily is done with her latch hook kit. She really wanted to open it last night, but I knew that would lead to even later bed times.


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