Sunday, November 29, 2009

CBS Cares. Way Too Much.

Oh Dear Internet, how I love you. I love that I can pluck away at my keyboard and imagine I am talking with each and every one of you, pouring my wee heart out. I tell myself The Internet cares because I know you do. You’re Fabulous, really you are.

(My husband is going to read this and roll his eyes because it’s silly and he doesn’t appreciate silly like I know YOU do. Or you don’t. It’s okay, I still think you’re Fabulous.)

So friends, it’s been a weird day. It started out great because the weather is fine (especially for late November in Western Washington) and I slept in. Then it was sketchy because we lined up for the family photo and more than one child felt inclined to opt out. Which of course, isn’t an option. Next Michael and I and Tom and Charlotte drove to visit Brooks and his family. Happy. On the way over we hear the devastating news that four police officers were shot point blank at a coffee shop in Spanaway. Sad. Later in the day I was able to meet my first cousin once removed Facebook friend when she brought her family out to visit. Good. Then her daughter fell in the koi pond. Ungood. I’m left not quite sure how to feel about today.

The end of a trip over the mountains and ending as it usually does. Feeling like it’s time to get back home and get back to normal. It’s always a rough adjustment but there’s no time for it. ‘Tis the season and all and I haven’t got anything related to Christmas decorations up. I’ve got two kids to immerse in home schooling and a house to clean top to bottom before I bring in the tree. No time for fooling around.

After packing up tonight, I sat down to watch “60 Minutes” with the family. We were learning depressing things about the civil war raging in Congo. More than five million people have died during this campaign of rape and murder funded in large part by gold. First we had blood diamonds, now we’ve got conflict gold. Good grief it’s depressing. Then we go to commercial and the sound of jingle bells fill the air. It’s a CBS Cares public service announcement:

“Want to do something special for the woman in your life this Christmas? Call her doctor and schedule her Pap smear. Pap smears save lives. This Christmas impress her. Give her the gift that even Santa can’t deliver.”

Half way through his little speech I shouted, “What What What? DID HE SAY WHAT I THINK HE SAID?” Everyone was pretty sure he did but with a DVR it wasn’t hard to establish the facts. Are you kidding me CBS? First of all yes, most guys want to do something special for the woman in their lives at Christmas. Second, DO NOT call and make that appointment! It’s a deal breaker. You WILL freak her out. If you’re really concerned then speak openly with her but for heaven’s sake DO NOT call her doctor and schedule the ever loving Pap smear! Do you even have her appointment book to know when she’s available for such thing? Of course not. Again, it will not impress ANYONE. Ask your friends if you don’t believe me. It may be the gift even Santa can’t deliver but only because he’s not a gynecologist and it IS NOT A GIFT! No one is going to be impressed by a phone call. Especially not that one. So, to recap, buy her jewelry or take her on a trip or even consult her friends if you’re really stuck but DO NOT schedule the woman in your life a Pap smear. If she’s a woman, a real live grown up woman, she can handle that one herself.
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  1. Cute picture:) Does CBS have any brains? I"m thinking not! Really, they couldn't think of something better?
    Love your blog! It always brings a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing.


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