Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can We Be Done Yet?

I think I spent most of my day at the doctor’s office watching “Free Willy” in an eternal loop and observing old folks waiting for the shingles vaccine. Odd considering the fact that no one I took was actually ill.

As far as I know.

Josh had an appointment at 10:15 a.m. to have Dr. Merkley check out his ears. He’s begun to see the speech therapist at Jason Lee Elementary and after three days of practically flat tympanogram results, she suggested seeing his doctor for a professional diagnosis.

Just before we left the house, Michael Jr. called from school asking to come home. He’d fallen asleep in class and was twitchy. Oops. Mom Fail. He has horrible eczema and his fingers were crazy itchy this morning. We’ve tried hydrocortisone and Protopic but neither was helping so I gave him an antihistamine before school. The doctor had suggested it in the past and silly, distracted me, didn’t read the box to see that he probably oughtn’t be operating heavy machinery or navigating middle school while hopped up on it.

So I hauled him over to the doctor’s office too. Dr. Merkley confirmed that yep, there’s liquid behind Josh’s eardrums. We’ll try some decongestant for a week or two and see what we come up with. I’m taking his word for it; I have no idea how liquid gets back there or why a decongestant would get rid of it though a quick Google search would probably fill me in. But I wonder if this is just a coincidence that we’re finding this now or has he been dealing with it for awhile? Is this the cause of the speech delay? Questions, I suppose, for another day.

With only a few minutes to spare before Sam finished school we left without seasonal flu shots for the two of them. Michael Jr. heaved a sigh of relief but we were back again with Sam within a half hour. Unlike last year’s stoic performance, each boy sort of freaked out and Sam even hid under the chairs. It was pretty embarrassing and the nurse didn’t humor me or crack a smile. I guess I understand. I mean who wants to deal with fussing, whining, complaining folks all day? No one likes shots. That’s probably the sort of nonsense my dad deals with day in and day out as a dentist. I’m sure it takes a certain kind of nurse to be happy in The Inoculation Room. So the boys were lame about it and of course with each shot came the look of “Oh. That’s it?” They were only in for one because although Dr. Merkley was pretty emphatic about the H1N1, at the moment they were out.

After school I picked up Kenny and took him over for his turn. He was cool as a cucumber. We had a long wait but once we were in he asked to go first to get it over with. This time they had the H1N1 so we got that as well. I’m a little uneasy about it but I trust my doctor. What I didn’t quite understand was the nurse’s explanation. I asked about the live virus vaccine we were getting and she said it’s altered in such a way that we can’t actually get sick from it. In the next breath she’s telling me to sanitize my hands if I touch my nose afterwards. Either it’s harmless or it’s not, right?

It’s been a long day and I guess tomorrow will mean more “Free Willy” and old people; I’ve got four more kids I’ll probably want inoculated.
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