Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Today I did NOT get up early (or simply forgo bed altogether like many friends) to hit the stores. I just didn’t see anything in the advertisements yesterday that I needed that badly. We did it last year and saved a lot but somehow things seem different now. Could be because we’re miles and miles from town but whatever the reason, it just wasn’t appealing at all.

We did shop a very little bit though. Later in the morning we all drove to Lacey to go to Cabela’s and a movie. Cabela’s is always a big deal for the kids with all the fake/stuffed game and aquarium. Tom needed something in the fly fishing departments, and the rest of us just shopped around. We bought a “Luggable Loo” (a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat) which grossed out the kids and Aunt Charlotte but hey, you never know when something like that might come in handy. I get it; no one wants to think about relieving one’s self in a bucket but it’s really only gross until you can’t use your indoor plumbing.

All eleven of us went to see “Fantastic Mr. Fox” this afternoon. Oh my gosh! All of the adults LOVED it! The stop motion animation had a retro vibe and the dialogue was funny in ways the kids didn’t always get. In fact they sort of reacted to it like they do when we pull out old shows we liked as kids: polite indifference. To them it was Okay. Definitely a fun watch for the big people.

Mom and Dad were kind enough to take the kids back home in our van while Tom, Charlotte, Michael, and I went to downtown Olympia to Canvas Works so I could buy some wool yarn. They have a bigger selection than we have in Richland and I was hoping to make Michael Sr. a pair of slippers for Christmas in M.I.T.’s colors: blood on concrete (maroon and gray). We also made a delicious trip to Wagner’s Bakery for cinnamon bread. That stuff is the best.

Tonight we decided to play some games. We started with Apples to Apples. It’s a fun game but when the kids play with us it can get annoying because they don’t know a lot of the people named on the red cards so they either play or judge them in totally wrong ways. I guess we could’ve brought the kids’ version to eliminate some of that. Tonight Michael Jr. judged the word “Dating” as the one best described by the word “Deadly”. Seriously. Kenny felt the word “Cruel” best described Garrison Keillor, and the word “Car Bomb” was chosen when the adjective was “Glitzy”. I think next time we’ll let the kids play with the kids.

It’s late and I should hit the sack. We played several rounds of Phase 10 and it just wouldn’t end. I don’t think I’ve ever done worse in that game but still no one could pull ahead enough to end it all. I’ve written about it before but I still have no idea why we play that game! It always feels like a good idea in the beginning . . .
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