Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ain't No Mountain High Enough . . . Maybe

I was surprised to wake up to a sunny morning today. It was supposed to be rainy.

(And it is right now--in the immortal words of Eddie Rabbitt, "I love a rainy night".)

I told Camilla we'd hike Badger today because she couldn't do it last Saturday. Last night after the Craft Show at TRAC, Michael and I were walking to our van, and I was wearing my coat AND his. Shivering. In the distance I could see the red light on whatever that metal towery thing-a-ma-jig is on top and my heart sunk. It looked awfully high up from where I was standing. And cold too.

Aren't I a wimp?

Yes, yes I am. And slightly nuts to bring a friend with much longer legs and lung capacity than myself! I was huffing and puffing but Camilla marched right ahead and didn't even make fun of me for stopping to wait for Michael Jr. Like that was the reason I was stopping . . .

At the top we decided that what we really need to do next time is pack a cape for a Super Hero photo shoot. We didn't discuss tights or unitards; I'll leave that for someone else. Nikki? I think it would make an AWESOME jumpy picture!

On the way down we talked about movies and it's the same discussion Michael and I have had several times before. Specifically we were talking about the latest Transformers movie that was released on DVD but it goes for movies in general. The kids wanted to see it because, well, Obviously. It's Transformers. But then there's the panty-clad Decepticon girl with the robotic tongue and just ask Sam, that's not appropriate. We talked about movie ratings. About how "PG" has come to mean "Kids", "PG-13" means "Adam Sandler/Potty Humor", and "R" means Adult. Both of us avoid "R" rated movies and we're left with the feeling that there just aren't a lot of movies out there for grown folks like us. I think an "R" rating is probably actively pursued in order to get that adult audience. It would be nice if there was a rating that meant "Adult" but not "Cinemax Adult". Just saying. We bought ClearPlay DVD players but haven't used them much. I guess that's the option we're left with for now.

Tomorrow Michael and I are giving talks in church about tithing. I wrote my talk a few days ago (completely unprecedented preparedness) but wonder how it sounds. I was trying so hard to make it not sound like my blog that it'll probably come off like an encyclopedia excerpt. Oh well, as far as I know Geof Simm doesn't have that trap door set up under the pulpit (yet) so I'll survive.
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  1. Ok, Im making capes. With super heroe letters on them. A C for me and a T for you. Oh, and im bringin the good camera. Its on. Color requests?


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