Thursday, October 15, 2009

Word of the Day

Today I picked up Sam from kindergarten and like all his other classmates, he stood proudly gripping his pumpkin from the class trip to Country Mercantile yesterday. After he buckled up and asked me not to make his treasure into pie, he said:

“Mom! The teacher cut off Michael’s peduncle and he didn’t even ask her to!”


“The. Teacher. Cut. Off. Michael’s. Peduncle!”

“His WHAT?!?”

“His PEDUNCLE!!! You know, this thing!!!,” and he pointed to the pumpkin stem.

What in the world? As soon as we got in the house I went to the computer and Googled “peduncle”. Here’s what I found:

1. Botany The stalk of an inflorescence or a stalk bearing a solitary flower in a one-flowered inflorescence.

I never thought my kindergartener would learn anything I hadn’t already come across in my 39+ years.

So it was lunchtime. Lunch was so much easier last year; it was served first thing at afternoon preschool. Here Sam never seems hungry and usually rejects all of my suggestions. Typically I just make something and he eats it grudgingly. Today when I asked him it was the same old song and dance but with a twist:

“I’m not hungry. Can I have some blow cream*”

“No. We ran out.”

“You guys wasted it all on pumpkin pie!!!”

“That’s why I bought it.”

“That’s why you’re the worstest mom a boy could have!”

And I laughed. I’m going to miss all this abuse when he’s in school all day.

*whipped cream in an aerosol can.


  1. No you won't! You will revel in the quietude of your domain! =)

  2. haha! I had to learn that word last week too!


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