Friday, October 23, 2009

It Was a Lame Shirt Anyway

Where is the volume knob?

No such luck but it is sort of a beautiful noise (didn’t Neil Diamond sing about that?). Sierra has several school friends over and Kenny has one here too. They’re loud, silly, full of The Ridiculous, and making me weigh the irresponsibility level of grabbing the ear plugs and hiding in my room. But again, they’re full of pizza and cupcakes and happy so it could be considerably worse.

Is it weird to feel lonely in a house full of kids? This may run long tonight because you, sweet internet, are my adult interface tonight.

I took Michael to the airport in Pasco this morning, sometime around 5 a.m. I don’t remember. I was bleary-eyed tired from staying up late waiting for him to finish some last minute details. He arrived safe and sound, and is, presumably, having a nice time catching up with his family. Grandma Christine’s 90th birthday celebration is tomorrow and I’m sorry the rest of us had to miss it. Not so sorry we don’t have seven airline tickets on our credit card though. Ouch.

How was your day? I’ve explained Fridays around here and man, today was super-Fridayish. A lot of driving and not so much being here getting anything done. I did find the Halloween box in the garage. That was a major accomplishment and required much excavation. I didn’t actually bring it but reached in, fishing for a shirt I remembered buying a few years back. You know, 75% off at Target after the holiday. I couldn’t remember what it looked like aside from being orange. Oh. Not so bad. Long sleeves and it just said “Boo” all over it. Nothing too ridiculous.

I threw it on this afternoon after showering and the kids just laughed at me.

“Mom! We’re trying to make Josh quit saying that!”


“Your shirt says “Boob” all over it!”

No wonder it was 75% off.

I needed to run a few errands this afternoon so I ditched the Boob shirt and headed to West Richland. On the way that ridiculously over-played Taylor Swift song, “You Belong with Me” came on. True confession time: I cry like a baby any time I hear it ever since Alex and Taylor’s memorial service. And like the dork that I am, I don’t turn the radio off. I can’t seem to do it.

So I walked into Petco with my sunglasses on, probably drawing more attention to myself than if I’d just come in puffy-eyed and leaking. As I flipped through channels on the way to Winco that stupid song came on again! I finally managed to turn it off after a minute or so but good grief that song kicks my butt.

I passed that GORGEOUS tree in John Dam plaza on the way home (the second photo in my fall foliage album I posted yesterday) and the thing was almost totally leaf-free! I knew the car alarms going crazy at the store was some indication of the wind we were experiencing but the tree was a real shocker. Why, I don’t know.

So the girls invaded and the loud, giggly fun began. First order of business? Sing “You Belong with Me” at the top of their lungs. Michael Jr. yells, “I hate Kelly Clarkson!” and the girls laugh. What I wouldn’t do for some Bose headphones. Because it is even worse for me hearing actual young girls I know sing it. I think of Alex and Taylor again and my gosh. I never knew I was such a cry baby. Maybe it’s crazy Turning 40 hormone stuff. I don’t know.

I’ve finally, perhaps even for the night, convinced all 10 of them to stop trying to scare the folks at the cemetery behind our house. It’s that time of year when we have Tombstone Tales and local actors and actresses dress in period costume, stand by graves, and tell the story of the person interred there as if they were them. It’s actually very cool but my kids can’t seem to help but act like monkeys whenever they see those tiki torches burning at night. I think I could permanently cure them of it if I snuck outside and scared them. Actually the aftermath of that seems like more trouble than it’s worth!

Well friends, things are quieting down. Michael Jr., who refuses to play the piano in front of “strangers” (except once a year at his recital), turned down the girls and their request for some tunes. The girls retreated to the basement and he finally relaxed and sat down to play. He played for awhile without realizing they were at the stairs, silent as the grave and smiling from ear to ear.

But no, I spoke too soon. I hear Kenny and Jack starting a loud game of Four Square in the kitchen. Bring on the ear plugs!
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