Saturday, October 10, 2009

Waterbeds I've Known And Loved

It’s getting cold. I’m pretty sure it was over 80 degrees a few days ago but just like that it feels like November. Which is fine; you know how I feel about the sweltering summer months. I just wish we’d had more of those weeks that require no a/c or heat. Perfection.

I didn’t grow up with central heat. In fact, I didn’t even know what it was. If you’d have asked me, I’d have said it was the old black wood burning stove in the middle of the living room. We had baseboard heaters in each room but I didn’t realize what they were till I was grown (Quit Laughing!!!). We came home with Michael Jr. and Mom figured my room wasn’t warm enough. As she walked to the thermostat and turned the knob, my eyes grew large as saucers. How’d I miss that?

My parents had plans drawn up for our home sometime in the late 70’s.* The basic layout was one large room with kitchen/dining room on one side, living room on the other, wood burning stove in the middle. Off from the kitchen ran “The Bowling Alley”; a long narrow hall from which all other rooms could be reached.

This design made for a very warm, often overly warm, living room when we cranked up the heat (as I wrote that the sound of the lever being raised was almost audible) and very, very cold bedrooms. The heat never quite made it back down that bowling alley.

I never minded sleeping in a cold room. I could sleep, no problem, but accomplish much school work? Not really. Unlike folks such as my husband or my brother, I am unable to put two coherent thoughts together in the presence of a television. Or even other people breathing. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad but it’s a problem. Which is to say I’d have to separate myself from the family to get my work done. I’d trudge back to my cold room and crack the books. A better plan would have been to get my work done right after school but with no parents around to play Enforcer, I chose rather to watch the last few minutes of “Days of Our Lives” and pass out on the couch. So anyway, in the evenings I’d tear myself away from whatever program we were watching and head back to face the music. Quickly I’d decide it was much too cold to sit at my desk and I’d crawl into my waterbed. I rarely made it past 9:30 p.m.

On nights like this I miss that bed. It originally belonged to my parents but they didn’t take long to decide they really didn’t like the experience. When it became mine it was true love. I’d been racking out on my twin bed since toddlerhood and nothing spelled luxury, oblivion, and 1970's fabulousness in my teenage mind like this did. And it made those cold nights perfectly bearable.

Unfortunately that awesome bed is long gone. The mattress at least. I left for college and began sleeping on a hard twin bed. I mentioned out loud on my first Christmas vacation that the waterbed hurt my back. Must’ve been the change in venue. I came home next at spring break and in a fit of delight threw myself on my beloved bed. Now my back really hurt. In my absence, Dad replaced it with a regular mattress.

For years my brother’s single waterbed, pictured above, kept its place in his room. During any visits the room was empty, I’d sneak in at night and with a sigh fall asleep in its warm embrace. But it too had to hit the bricks; he was married several years back and a larger regular bed took its place.**

Once, years back we stayed at Aunt Marian’s house a night while on a visit in Ohio. Michael and I were given a room with a waterbed and I was psyched! Until we got in and took turns capsizing each other. Any move either of us made was totally disruptive to the other.

Now we’ve gone in a totally opposite direction with the bed from the commercial where they drop the bowling ball next to the glass of wine. Being teetotalers and non-bowlers, we haven’t tried it but I bet it works. It absorbs all energy, giving nothing in return and tonight it makes me wish a little for that obnoxious wave machine to rock me to sleep.

*I remember the architect distinctly because he thought my parents had two boys. My folks had an unnatural affection for short hair on me and I had a complete inability to pull it off.

**I like Charlotte more than any old waterbed anyway:).
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  1. What about just the regular or Tempur-Pedic beds?


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