Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Alright,” but I knew it was going to be a long morning: Josh chose the Lincoln Logs.

I organized the toys in the basement during the summer and we now have a wall of opaque Sterilite bins housing all sorts of collections. K’Nex, Kid K’Nex, Legos, those fat Legos (Duplos?), Mr. Potato Heads, Hot Wheels, and I don’t know, a LOT of other things. Josh pulled me by the hand downstairs and pointed to what he wanted. The one toy that aggravates him and typically generates several calls for me. He has these ideas of what he wants to build but no real idea how to follow through. So he gets mad and yells for me because we all know Mom is a master builder.

My parents are coming on Friday so I’m doing what I normally do and cleaning in overdrive. These are the times when I wonder why I don’t have a regular schedule for these things like those ladies in the book “Side-Tracked Home Executive”. I cleaned upstairs today and like clockwork, the yells of “MOM!!!” came. I told him I’d be down in a minute but that brush off only works a few times and then I actually have to come down to get him to chill out.

I daydream of what I could accomplish if I only had a few uninterrupted hours in the morning to tackle these jobs. How FABULOUS it would be.

Sort of. As I tidied up the boys’ room he played busily at his train table and did his best to tell me what he was doing. I really do love having him around. At his age Sam was in preschool but I really can’t picture it yet with this one.

He met with Mrs. Barber, the speech therapist at Jason Lee Elementary, yesterday morning. His speech is definitely not where we’d like it to be at almost 3 ½ and she asked if we’d bring him in for an assessment. Cognitively, he’s just fine. He knows all his colors, shapes, can count to I don’t know, a good amount, and knows the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. Still, with his speech being what it is, he may qualify for the preschool at Jason Lee, like Sam did. I’ve got the paperwork to fill out but I’m torn. I look at him and melt. The housework means zero compared to spending some extra time with him. I think I’m definitely NOT going to have him attend this year even if he qualifies. Maybe next year. Who knows. I could do it here and just bring him in for speech.

What a decision. He loves social situations. He loves playing with other kids. I know lots of people send their kids to preschool for all of this but I’m not convinced yet. He’s got plenty of socialization with four siblings and there’s also play dates and nursery at church. He’s not lacking for any of that. Still, Sam gained so much in terms of being ready for a classroom setting once he hit kindergarten. I guess in the case of Josh, I’m less worried about him being ready for kindergarten than I am his teacher being ready for him;).
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  1. Keep him home, there is plenty of time for him to go to school. I wish I had done things differently with my Josh. Like you said there are things you can do at home and just take him there for some things. They grow up waaaay to fast, enjoy the time. :)


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