Monday, October 26, 2009

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain . . .

Today should have been one of those days. You know the kind. Josh dumped an entire cup of milk all over the living room floor. Again. Michael Jr. was convinced someone stole his iPhone. I received an irrate e-mail from the library about Sierra’s very overdue book. Josh unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper to get to the tube. I realized I was purse-less just as I was about to pay for dinner.

(After listening to me worry out loud about the potential of being pulled over before I could get home to said purse, Kenny asked if it really is illegal to drive without one. So literal is this guy!)

Oddly enough though, it was a GREAT day. This morning I finally got around to taking Tia up on her offer to climb Badger Mountain with me. If you live around here, you know Badger is something you can point out in the distance. I can see it from my front yard. What I didn’t realize it that there’s a hiking trail that folks regularly torture themselves climbing.

I just looked it up; the trail is 1.25 miles. It felt like 20. My legs feel warm. Tomorrow I’m sure they’ll be jelly from the trek down. From the very start up the stone steps that start the trail, my mind raced: What was I thinking I’m not sure I can do this I’m positive I can’t do this what if I just stop I need a nap are we there yet? You see friends, I’m what medical professionals would refer to as Completely Out of Shape with a side of Lethargy.

It was great having a friend along but there were moments when I had to just trudge in silence because talking would leave me breathless. But we trudged along. And talked. And trudged. One foot in front of the other.

And then we made it.

Even with a sky full of gray clouds the view was spectacular. I almost forgot how hard it was for this first timer. I thought about getting one of those chairs you can carry as a back pack. I could take a Personal Day and hide up there with a book! Yes I’d look like a sunbathing lunatic with the wind whipping around me but it was so incredibly peaceful I didn’t want to leave. Had there been an elevator to take me down, I might have been more amenable to the idea . . .

When Tia first told me she was climbing Badger, I thought I’d give it a try too. The photos she posted of her different hikes with friends looked like I was missing out so I finally asked a friend to watch Josh this morning (Thanks Camilla!!!) and we were off to tackle it. I have to say it was HARD for me and I spent the majority of the hike up wondering if I’d lost my ever-loving mind agreeing to do this but sitting here now, aching, I know I’ll go back and do it again in a few days. By the end of the day the experience has towered over all the other lameness, shrinking it down to size.

It reminded me of my high school years when I biked the San Juan’s for the first time. I prepared by riding around the countryside in Yelm and even biked into Tumwater occasionally. I figured I was totally set; I could bike 30-40 miles in a day without much struggle. Unfortunately I wasn’t even close to ready.

The San Juan Islands are hills. I was in pain almost constantly and felt like a total idiot for not preparing better but nothing beat the feeling when I could coast down a hill or come to a totally gorgeous vantage. Gains I'd achieved all by myself despite my weaknesses. The feeling of accomplishment was awesome. Thanks for giving that back to me today Tia!

P.S. This photo is a tribute to Nikki and her fabulous jumping photos!

P.P.S. Michael found his iPhone in his backpack (no surprise there) and I found Sierra’s book in a suitcase in the garage (very cool).
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  1. Ah, thanks girl! GREAT jumpy shot too!!

    I felt the exact same way my first (& since, ONLY) time up Badger. I was a pathetic sight I'm sure. I do plan to go again though.
    It was so hard to push myself---but it felt SO good getting to the top!!


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