Monday, October 12, 2009

Say My Name

“How do you pronounce that?”

This afternoon I headed to the community center to sign Kenny up for basketball and the gal behind the desk looked at our last name in a bit of puzzlement. I hate that question. I hate it because there’s no good answer.


Strictly speaking, as it is a Spanish surname, the proper pronunciation would be keen-TAH-nah. But really, it sounds so pretentious (and lame) when an English speaking person with no accent tries this. I mean I can read Spanish and roll my r’s and pronounce the heck out of that language but I’ll be darned if using just one word all Spanished up doesn’t sound totally ridiculous.

We’ve known plenty of people who pronounce it quin-TAH-nah. That sounds nice and I don’t mind it a bit but I’m pretty sure that across the board Michael’s English speaking family pronounces it quin-TAN-ah. It’s no fun explaining this to people who believe they know better. For Pete’s sake, say it anyway you want.

As she continued to look over the form, she mentioned that perhaps we’d like to go with a shirt size larger than “M”.

“He ordered an “L” last year. Also, are you sure he’s in 3rd grade? He was in 6th grade last year.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yes. He went to Enterprise Middle School.”
“This is your address, right?”
“Yes, but I’m almost positive he was in 2nd grade at Jason Lee Elementary last year. I mean look at the address.”

Now I’m beginning to wonder if some other Kenny Quintana (quite possibly pronounced a completely different way) on the other side of town is being accused of being a 3rd grader in need of a very small shirt.

I came home to find Kenny pouring himself a bowl of Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch. It’s on sale this week at Albertson’s for $1 a box if you buy 10 and we’ve got 20 boxes in the pantry. This sounds like a crazy amount but the kids can burn through a box in a day and a half. As I walked up Kenny turned and asked, “Can I pour soda on my cereal when we run out of milk?”. Completely serious. We’ve got several gallons in the refrigerator outside so Request Denied. Thank goodness.
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  1. Haha! Soda on your cereal - that's a new one! My brother tried apple juice on his cereal once (I don't think he ever did it again, but we like to tell it like he did it all the time.) My cousin will put ketchup on anything. Once my brother suggested he put it on his chocolate cake. My cousin grabbed the ketchup and was ready to upend it, but my aunt intervened. Darn! That would have been entertaining!


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