Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Saga Continues

I just received the nicest message from a reader who started out apologizing for cluttering up my Inbox. Okay folks, I LOVE messages! I think in this case they’re the equivalent of comments on my actual blog which is now essentially a ghost town (sending “Thank You!”s to all of you who still read and comment there!). You can also write things on the Wall of the group site as well as post photos for all of us to see. You can tell me how much you Love/Hate my husband’s mustache, share your latest parenting FAIL (or WIN!), post a photo of some gorgeous fall foliage in your area or even pass on blog topic suggestions. I’m always up for those. Talk to me! I don’t regret my move to a more private venue but I’ve lost a lot of readers and therefore comments, in the process. If you know of anyone (a spouse, sibling, child, etc.) who was reading but didn’t ask for an invitation to the group site or blog, let me know. Also, if you asked for an e-mail invitation to read the blog and didn’t get it, send me a message. Twenty-two people who asked for one still haven’t responded so I don’t know who isn’t getting the mail and who just isn’t reading the mail they get. I know what that’s like; since the advent of Facebook I’ve become awfully lame about checking mine.

After school yesterday, trying to be casual, I asked Kenny if his teacher spoke with him about The Situation.

He smiled and said, “Yes. She told me she’d take care of it and then she cut off his head with a sword and now it’s not a problem.”

This is my Kenny. Every day after school, if I dare ask a serious question about his day, he regales me with an elaborate account of a fictional day. Multiple refocuses (he’s had two in his entire Jason Lee career), decapitations, beatings, explosions, celebrity appearances, car chases, etc.

I nod and tell him how sorry I am to have missed all the action. If I can keep my cool and not act too interested, he’ll tell me what actually happened. In The Case of the Amorous Lad, it sounds as if his teacher just let Kenny know she was on it. The boy didn’t say or do anything awkward or distressing the rest of the day. So far so good. I’m hoping That is the End of That. I was wondering if there’s a recorded history of this sort of behavior with this boy because his behavior doesn’t exactly sound like a person’s first foray into, well, whatever you’d call this.

So, enough about that. Sierra’s been on my case since she took The Good Babysitting Course at the hospital to let her try out her skills. Tami, my FB BFF, bless her heart, gave Sierra a shot last night. She brought The Cutest Baby in the World over and Sierra tended him while she went to a meeting. It was so fun having a little one in the house again and he was so good. He smiled happily as they played on the carpet and he smiled happily as he ate Cheerios and drank milk in our long-abandoned, recently Cloroxed high chair. Now we just need to find ourselves a cranky baby.

Ideally she’d get a bit of that. The way I see it, it’s important that babysitting function as a form of birth control. She’s got her head screwed on right but it’s important that babies and their care look appropriately unappealing as a teenage endeavor. It’s got to look at least as hard as it really is. Harder if possible. There’s an important and difficult balance to strike between I Want One NOW and I Don’t EVER Want One. I’d settle for I Don’t EVER Want One for the next few years.

It’s a little later and Kenny’s reported that the boy told him he loved him in front of the guys. I wonder how many times I let the teacher know before I let the principal know? Or is that something she’ll do? I’m just ready for this to be Over. I wonder how many people I’d anger if I had a chat with him at lunch? Probably too many.
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