Monday, October 19, 2009

A New One On Me

Ever see a dog run its heart out only to hit the end of its tether, not remembering quickly enough that it was tied up? That’s how I feel tonight. I was going full speed ahead and then CRASH. So tired I can barely think. I took a nap for an hour but I don’t think it was nearly enough.

I spent the morning today weighing and measuring kindergarteners for the school nurse while she performed eye exams. It was an interesting way to spend the morning and I was able to put some faces to names Sam’s mentioned. The scale itself looked to be as old as the original Jason Lee Elementary and all of the children who started off telling me what they weighed were disappointed to find this scale wasn’t giving them nearly as much credit. I’d have been more than happy to get those kinds of results from my doctor’s scale at home but kids are funny that way. They want acknowledgment for every pound.

This afternoon after school as Kenny and I walked toward the car, we passed an Indian friend of his and Kenny just glared at him. Hmm. I asked if his friend had mentioned anything about Diwali. “No.” This child of mine is generally not big on confiding in his dear old mother but he turned to me said, “He’s telling the guys that this kid wants to marry me!”. I was confused and needed to ask several questions, much to his exasperation, before I was able to establish that this wasn’t your typical teasing or kidding around. Kenny was being sexually harassed by another boy AND his friends were getting a real kick out of it.

He asked if I’d talk to his teacher for him. If I’d tell her that this boy refers to him as “Honey Buns of Love” and tries to hold his hand. Wow. This was a new one on me. I told him I’d absolutely pass the word on to his teacher. I also told him that as weird as this must feel, it would really be nice if he could try to be kind. It would be out of character for Kenny to be nasty and call this boy a name but who knows what will happen when you’re eight and embarrassed, you know?

After he told me I thought more about it. Would I feel much differently if it was a little girl doing this? We had a similar situation in first grade with a little girl being very aggressive with him it too bothered him. I guess the big difference is how other people react to it. The guys may joke around with you when a girl makes herself look silly over you but when it’s a boy doing it? Well, suddenly the jokes don’t seem so funny. So far as he knows, none of them are secretly wishing it was them all the fuss was about.

And I wondered about this boy. Where’s that inner filter that helps a person reign themselves in a little? That voice that tells us I may not get the results I’m looking for if I proceed down this path? The ability to read those around you enough to get that you’re upsetting folks? Well, I have no idea but we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Tonight we went back to Job’s Nursery to tag the maple tree we liked so much when we went for pumpkins. I ran to it only to find someone else’s name on it. Darn it! There was another next to it of the same variety that just hadn’t gone fully red yet so it’s got our name on it. My parents offered to buy it for us after hearing me go on and on about it. I’m a little Anne of Green Gables when it comes to beautiful plants and trees and my parents are huge enablers. Thank goodness. They’re coming with the truck on the 30th and my tree is coming home!


So, what do you think?