Saturday, October 17, 2009

Make A Difference Day

Today is Make A Difference Day. Actually it’s probably not today precisely; it’s a fairly recent made-up holiday (by USA Weekend magazine, no less) and I can never remember. I just know it’s in October and when it’s time to clean up McMurray Park we try to make an appearance. Roll up our sleeves and get something accomplished. Today we planted some native species and spent a lot of time pulling out non-native invasive grasses. I wouldn’t say we conquered the nasty stuff but I think we at least taught it some manners.

What a gorgeous day! It wasn’t the bitter cold of early last week and the colorful trees looked amazing. I miss Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire this time of year but we do have some trees that show off colors besides brown and yellow. Not a lot but some! Yesterday at Job’s Nursery we found a maple tree we’d like to buy for the backyard. I think it was called “Autumn Radiance” and it was a lovely bright red. It was big enough that I wonder how we’d ever get it home. I bet home delivery and planting would cost as much as the tree!

Try as we might, we didn’t get the errands done yesterday so we set out this afternoon to finish. As we drove into the first parking lot I reached for Michael’s huge soda from Sonic. I sucked on the straw but nothing much came out. Without thinking, I pulled off the lid and poured it into my mouth assuming it was just ice. I don’t know if a piece of ice was keeping the straw from getting anything but there was plenty of soda still in the cup and most of it was now on my shirt. Michael laughed and said he wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with me. Nice of him because I looked like a total idiot!

He bought me the Martha Steward pumpkin carving kit I wanted and I can’t wait to start laying waste to those squash and their peduncles! I always get excited about this with a head full of crazy designs and then reality hits. Cleaning them out takes so much time! The contents of the kit should help and they seem sturdy. I break those orange-handled ones every year. Also I found a spicy pumpkin seed recipe so there’s that to look forward to.

Another thing I get overly excited about in the fall is bulbs. I know I want to see those beauties coming up in the spring but the planting is a big pain. I tend to bite off more than I really feel like chewing. Tonight Michael bought a bag of 75 King Alfred giant daffodils and a large bulb spade. Another time consumer but they should be pretty sweet looking come spring time.

Finally, I have to report that the show is over. Nothing to see here. We finally bought roller blinds for both bathrooms. Now the folks at the Oddfellows Hall, the cemetery, and Williams Boulevard will have to find something else to laugh at!

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