Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh What A Night

It was shaping up to be a nice evening. Sierra and I were trying out a few new recipes and no one was fussing or fighting about anything. It was almost eerie.
As she worked on her Coconut Orange Cupcakes she decided she’d like to start a recipe blog. Fine with me; she’ll have to cook more to do that. You can find her at where her first post is about these treats.

She seemed to have something on her mind. Finally she told me that a certain person was calling her a particularly uncool name during Math. Would I talk to his mom? Sure. I hate to because who likes to be the bearer or those kind of tidings? Still, I knew she’d want to know. I ended up mentioning it in a message to her a little later and promptly forgot about it.

One look at Josh was all it took. Covered in blood.

It was a Mom Fail for me. While we cooked I let Josh play in my kitchen utensil drawer. Like ALWAYS. He pulls out things, asks what they’re called, then repeats it or corrects me and tells me what he thinks it’s really called. Seems innocent enough. I just never would’ve guessed he would a) break the candy thermometer and b) hold it up to his chin (Praise God in Heaven it wasn’t up to his eye). I suppose it didn’t hurt much at first because the glass was so sharp. It took him a moment to realize why I was so upset. When he saw the blood it sunk in.

I tried to remain calm (read: screamed, “We HAVE to go the ER! We HAVE to go to the ER!” while Michael was on the phone with someone) when I saw that one of the cuts was very deep. Michael ran to look and he agreed that we needed to go around the block to Kadlec.

I gave quick instructions to the older kids to set the table, finish cooking the sauce, put out the rolls vegetables, and chicken and feed the younger kids. Honestly, I wasn’t sure any of that was going to happen but I had to put it out there. They’re certainly old enough to handle the job but working together isn’t exactly their strong suit.

Ashamedly I must confess that my first thought at the sight of it all was, “I don’t want to get the flu!” I was sure the hospital was teeming with carriers more than willing to share the wealth. And it probably was. There was certainly a fair amount of hacking and coughing going on. Josh was chilled out by the time we got there (he was actually very cool during the whole ordeal) and was more than happy to sit in the waiting room watching SpongeBob. Not for long though. Soon we were sent to a room to wait for a nurse, someone from accounts, and a doctor.

These waits I don’t like. No TV, and no magazines anymore. Probably too easy to spread germs. We should’ve brought the iTouch because my iPhone was immediately commandeered to play with the alphabet flash cards and Star Wars lightsaber apps on it. And we waited.

When the nurse came in she asked the standard questions and ended by turning to Josh and saying, “Do you feel safe at home?”—I had to laugh. If he does he probably shouldn’t! The woman who glued his biggest cut shut asked about what happened as well. When we finished explaining she asked, “And he behaved appropriately since it happened?” She must’ve been asking if he’d acted differently than normal after it happened. Josh could be called many things but “appropriate” is certainly not one of them. Before she came in he was showing me which Star Wars characters on the lightsaber app have, in his words, “boobs”. Mortification is just part of the deal these days.

So, all’s well that ends well. We came home with a glued up little guy and we walk in to see the kitchen is cleaned up. WOW. I have no other words. Sierra even took a picture of the boys sitting down to eat. Proof? Something else happened while we were gone. The boy who was giving her a hard time showed up at the door with his mother and apologized. WOW. Again. Now that’s some kick-butt parenting! That’s how it’s done folks.
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  1. Impressive! (And I hope you managed to dodge the germs.)


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