Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

I could hear the wind howling when I woke up this morning. It was blowing hard and I wondered if maybe we were crazy to head up to Badger Mountain again this morning. Still, Michael Jr. wanted to try it with Grandma and Tia said it would be fine. Michael, my mom, Michael Jr., Kenny, Tia, Nikki, and I headed up early this morning and the weather was actually really nice. Nothing I would have dared ask for this late in the year. The sun was shining and although it was windy, there were protected areas as we hiked up that weren’t so bad. Also, although it was hard, it was easier than the first time. It gives me some hope! So far there are four of us who’d like to head up next Saturday morning; I sure hope my knees hold out!

Dad has named our tree The Maple of Divine Providence because according to him, “There’s no damn way it got back there.” After our hike he asked me if I knew how tall it was. I said I guessed I didn’t. Did he measure it while it was horizontal? No, none of us thought of that. How tall would you guess it was? Michael Jr. interrupted saying it was 18 feet and he knew because he looked at it and something about an angle or a slant and then he added three extra feet, and well, he just knew. Dad told him he figured it out the way Jesus did and we don’t know His math. I’m not exactly sure what that means but if you knew my dad you wouldn’t be surprised. Dad climbed a ladder and used a rake somehow. The tree is 18 ½ feet tall.

We had a dump run to make today of old lawn debris and railroad ties so I asked Tia if she had anything she wanted rid of. As it happened, she had a van seat that needed to be thrown out. I love going to the dump because we’re usually able to find old windows, mirrors, etc. to throw our junk at. The shattering is cathartic. This time there was a large glass shower door in the bin and I hurled the seat at it as hard as I could (which, I suppose, wasn’t particularly hard). Man, that felt good.

The next order of business was Trick or Treating at Uptown. All but Kenny (he was mad about his ripped mask) and Grandpa headed down the street to the biggest Halloween venue in Richland. The crowd seemed larger than usual this year and the candy lamer than ever. This never includes The Spudnut Shop because they win at Halloween, always giving full-size candy bars. Val Driver rules the Uptown every October 31. Actually it’s more like year ‘round.

We walked around the neighborhood after dark and filled up the buckets again, we watched the World Series for awhile, and I showed my mom how to use her first digital camera. And we finally called it a day. A pretty good one I’d say, in spite of angry knees and a fun-sized candy-induced stomach ache.
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