Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You are 40 Going On 50


How are you today? I don’t think I’ve ever asked you that before. I mean I sit here spilling my guts to you everyday (why how DOES she do that?) while you sit there patiently smirking (I ♥ a good smirk) but do I listen to you dear friends? No sir, I do not. Okay I do if you comment but you know, it’s sort of hard otherwise.

Yesterday I brought the mail in and as I stood at the kitchen counter sorting it, Sam walked up. He grabbed a pretty pastel box on top and asked what it was. I saw the return address was Kimberly-Clark and the decoration of the box struck me as sort of juvenile so I told him it was probably a diaper or Pull-Up sample. He had other ideas and recited a list of things he was hoping might be inside instead. He began ripping the package apart and dumped out several items.

“What kind of diapers are these?”

It was an assortment of tampons and maxi-pads. I sighed, shrugged my shoulders and whisked them away. Who wants to have THAT talk with a five year old? For that matter what five year old wants to have that talk?

This morning I went to visit a friend of mine who turned 40 today. She was trying to not whine but it was easy to see that this birthday was kicking her butt. As we sat and talked she confessed that like no other birthday before, this one was really bothering her. This was not where she was supposed to be at 40. And, she told me, “It would not be unreasonable for me to date a 50 year old man! I never pictured that.” As she talked she had an expression on her face just like Sam’s when he looked at those tampons and pads. It wasn’t like he had his heart set on a diaper coming out of that box but what was he supposed to do with what was really in there? Total booby prize.

She probably looks at my life and sees someone who has it made. Just where I ought to be at practically 40. But no, she’d be wrong. I too had a different picture in my head when I imagined this age. It’s probably a universally understood feeling. A pretty toxic one too because we all know we can’t do jack about what’s already happened except beg forgiveness and pray we don’t have to reap everything we’ve sowed. So, dear friend, where do you want to be at 50? Yeah, I know the answer is “Not at 50,” but seriously, it’s coming and why not arrive with some life goals accomplished? It’s not so bad; you know 50 is the new 30.

Completely off topic (only because I can), I want to relate something that happened to me yesterday after school. A woman was walking her child to their car and chatting happily on her phone. Suddenly she stopped, turned to me and said, “Are you Brenda?” “No”, I said. She replied, “You look like a Brenda,” and continued with her conversation.

Question of the Day: Do I look like a Brenda?
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  1. I have never thought of you as a Brenda. My next door neighbor is a Brenda, and for 6 months I called her Bonnie.

  2. Glad to hear 50 is the new 30. That makes me the new 40, right?!!! Yipee~ now I LOVED being 40, girls. And I can happily say, I am right where I want to be in my life~ I am very blessed.
    Liked this one

  3. I never really thought about where (or what) I want to be at 40...something to sit and think about. I do hope to have our house paid off...there's one thing. Thanks, Tiff...now I'll probably lay awake ALL night trying to come up with some ideas/goals. Great...

  4. I used to think anyone above 30 was old, now I think anyone under 50 is YOUNG! And I'd say you look somewhat like a Brenda...

  5. I thinks that when your heart is young you are youung, its doesn't matter what your age is. So, i will be young in all life.

  6. Nope, I don't think you look like a Brenda at all.
    On another note, I got that same box and thought it would be a diaper sample too!


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