Friday, September 25, 2009

Where's My Tree?

Last night the kids removed the last of the trampoline hardware and metal bars down to our secret garden gate*. There’ll be a run to the dump this weekend while my parents are here with their truck and we’ll finally be shed of this thing.

Since the day we first considered this house I thought the one thing it really lacked that I couldn’t just fix with a windfall of cash was a huge tree in the back yard. We have two massive sycamores and two more good sized maples in the front that offer all the shade we could want but the backyard is a burning wasteland. This house has stood here since the mid-1940’s. In the name of Arbor Day, why, oh why didn’t any of the previous owners plant a stupid shade tree in the backyard? When we decided to pitch the broken down trampoline I had thoughts of where I’d plant my Big Tree and what variety it would be. It wouldn’t be big any time soon but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

My parents arrived close to noon for a weekend’s visit. There isn’t a visit without a project and this project was my new pantry. I have this desk area in the kitchen that I only use to store miscellaneous stuff and one day it occurred to Michael that the large cupboard, counter, and drawer could be removed to make room for some shelves. I’d actually have room for food in my kitchen!

This afternoon Dad began the project and Sam pulled out the Othello game grandpa made me years ago. Did I remember how to play? I popped open a jar of smoked Coho salmon dad brought for me and began racking my brain. Oh yeah. No problem. So we played and ate until my mom walked over and handed me a photo. This photo.

I guess it was lodged somewhere and came loose when Dad pulled the cupboards down. I looked at it for a second and figured it was just some picture someone sent someone for Christmas. Whatever. Taking into consideration the polyester suit and perm on the gal, the mustache (you KNOW how I feel about those things) on the dude, and the Toughskins on the little guy, I’d say we’re talking late 70’s. Then again, if it was taken East of the Mountains, it could be the early 80’s. I set the photo back down and continued to let Sam beat me.

But wait!

I picked the photo up again. Wait a minute. Wait just a minute! Oh! My! Gosh! That’s Mr. Malley’s basketball hoop and shed! That’s my kitchen window! That’s my deck! Why didn’t I recognize it before? Because this lovely family is squatting next to a massive maple tree! In my backyard!

Who are these people and what did they do with my tree???

*It looks just like the rest of the fence from the Oddfellows’ side and we use it to haul stuff in and out of an otherwise inaccessible garden. Secret because the Oddfellows have made it abundantly clear that we are not allowed on their side of the fence. Another story for another time . . .
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