Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Weddings and Some Furniture

Yesterday was quite a day; two friends announced their engagement on Facebook! I’m just not at that age where this kind of thing happens often so it was quite a shock to hear of two. In a day. Major congrats to Corrina (dear high school friend) and Loretta (one of Michael and Sierra’s first babysitters and one of my Beehives when I was Young Womens President). So folks, here we have even more weight-loss incentive—I don’t fit my pretty dresses at the moment (yeah, she’s going there again). Not that I need any more incentive than Michael growing a mustache. He’s officially growing it until I lose 20 pounds. The man is CRUEL. He could seal the deal by wearing clown make-up daily but keeping his job is a priority in this economy.

I’m so tired of hearing “in this economy” on every commercial hawking big ticket—or even small ticket—items. It’s like that used car dealership that used to be on the corner of Symons and Jadwin. Tim Bush’s first one probably. It had a Jesus fish on the sign. I’m supposed to assume you care when you invoke the blessed economy or the fish? Like you’re just here to help? Puleez!

Speaking of big ticket items, I’m fed up with some of mine.

It’s been close to a year. A year in October to be exact. I was hot to replace our living room furniture and searched online and in stores for what I was looking for. It was kind of frustrating because I wanted simple, I wanted a pull-out bed, and I wanted fabric that would wear well. I am picky but my taste is anything but fancy. It seeemd impossible to find something that didn't have a row of pillows for the back, stylized curved arms, or weird fabric. Or cost a fortune.

The set we were replacing was probably around three years old. We got an amazing deal on it at Fred Meyer’s (yeah, I know). It was on clearance, we had a 40% off coupon, and they gave us the 10% discount we asked for because it was the floor model set. The problem was the color. It was just such a light tan and though it was Ashley Durapella (you can scrub it clean), I was scrubbing it all the time. We got rid of the set in record time on Craig’s List.

I finally found what I wanted on JC Penney’s website. I KNOW. But I didn’t. I thought it looked great and the price was right. When the pieces (couch, chair and a half, and a storage ottoman) arrived they looked and felt great. The chenille fabric bore a striking resemblance to that on our couch in the basement that we bought in 2000. I chose the fabric because in our experience it’d worn very well.

This must’ve been pretty different stuff. By New Years the fabric was pilling and the cushions were sinking in. We contacted JC Penney and they offered to send new cushions. I wasn’t excited about that; did I need to replace them every few months? Well, the cushions never showed up and I just gave up. Which was stupid. I should harass them about it. I just wonder if I’ve waited too long. Shouldn’t furniture look decent after a year? Maybe if I write a really pushy e-mail and invoke the “ECONOMY” I can get some satisfaction.

Question of the Day: Any advice on how I should pursue this? Any similar experiences that stand out in your mind? Tell me, tell me! Misery loves company and occasionally puts up with advice as well.

P.S. Dad sent this e-mail today with another recipe:

Hi; This e-mail may explain where all my cursewords went last night. As I understood it, I must have banged a wrong key and had only "ave a good week; Dad" left of the draft I was doing, so I started over with a whole new one; the original nowhere to be found. Not sent, not in draft storage, nutt'n.

Mother had the world's dumbest mouse. Bagheera must have cut one loose in the bedroom. He would park himself back there by my sink and wait. Mother moved some boxes out of that cover under there and a mouse flew inside the sink furniture. She set two traps and blocked his exit. I called that dumb. However, he came out and got in to the cheese trap before the day was over. Peanut butter?; not so much.

Here's another bread pudding.

1 loaf of nice solid French bread.
4 eggs lightly beaten
1 quart of milk
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 cup apples, peel, chop
1 cup raisins optional

1" cube the bread into a large bowl. Mix eggs, milk, sugar, spices and pour over. Stir to coat the bread. Let soak for an hour. Stir in the fruit and pour into a greased 2 Qt. casserole. Bake at 350 for 45 min-1 hr. Check for doneness. Spread open and look into the middle for wetness.

We'll see you on Friday.

P.S. I'll bring the old recipes; maybe I mailed them around the world to the left back to me and Jimmy Carter, 2nd worst president in our country's history. PS2: I'll bring you my second darkest gumbo; the darkest was burned beyond eating-years ago. This one is good; the color of coffee, tastes like it has been filtered thru the bunghole of a rhino.
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  1. Your dad sounds hilarious!

    The content of your blog was not at all what I was expecting by the title of it. I thought for sure it would be about how to incorporate the furnishings of two households into one after marriage. I found your furniture dilemma to be humerous. Good luck with it! Sorry, I have no advice. Just wanted to let you know it was a good read. Kellie


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