Friday, September 4, 2009


Meet Tami! Tami is a resident of Richland Washington and she is my Facebook BFF. She is a 1st grade teacher in Kennewick and is going to grad school.* I read that on her blog. It says she likes to organize and clean her house (are you serious?), ride her bike and spend time with her family. She probably doesn't know if she likes piƱa coladas but she may enjoy getting caught in the rain. I know she runs which makes me jealous because I think my body would be smoking if I ran more. No, I know it would be. I’m just way too lazy. But back to Tami. She was born my freshman year of high school and she’s married to Chadd who is a police officer (and we all know about me and police officers . . .). Together they have this Super Cute baby named Gavinn. I do not use the phrase “Super Cute” lightly. This is The Cutest Baby Ever. I’ve had five and they were all pretty darned cute but seriously, this baby looks like someone created him in a lab or something. Tami shares a Facebook page with her husband which, if you recall, is something Michael and I attempted. It was a FAIL but it was fun while it lasted (no it wasn't). Also, Tami is a gifted pianist!** She happily played at Kenny’s baptism for nothing more than my gratitude and some chocolate chip cookies. Why Tami? Why now? Because my dear friends, I could think of nothing but Alphabet House plumbing to talk about today and as I couldn’t possibly saddle you with that, I asked for topic suggestions. Tami was bold enough to suggest herself and I am just nice enough to not go completely rogue and make things up. Ooh but now that I think of it, that would be fun, wouldn’t it? No, no, no, can’t do it to her! She’s just too darned nice.

But something feels wrong here. Very WRONG. Wrong because it’s not All About Me. Hmm. Let’s see. Okay. Internet, we need to talk. As you can see, I often pour my heart out to you only to receive 0 comments. If it weren’t for my trusty Site Meter I’d be sure Tami and Michael were my main readers. But no! You’re out there lurking and I want to hear what’s on your mind! I want you to share it with all the other poor, bored readers! Tell me about your letter house (mine’s a “G”), your flooded basement (The Drain Surgeon in Richland actually cleans up after himself and is nice—no, I don’t get a discount—YET!), your secrets about Tami! I’m waiting . . .

*Did I ever tell you about the time I went to grad school? For one semester? I did! Then I got pregnant, couldn’t pay for the second semester and the subway ride nauseated me.

**Actually she may be only average. I just know she can play and I, sadly, cannot.
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  1. I don't have a specific favorite topic that you discuss. It is your humor that you use in all of your subjects that keeps me coming back for more. Mostly I just like that you are willing to talk about yourself. You talk about everything, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. I do too and it makes me feel a connection to you! :)

    For a lot of years, I held everything back. I never talked about anything unless it was good. I felt judged for so many years because of having children and being divorced early in life, so i just stopped talking.

    Then a few years ago, something changed - I just started talking. I talk about everything now. My thoughts, my feelings and my experiences.

    I believe that if we are all willing to talk, to share our experiences then we can all learn to lean on each other when the times are tough. When no one talks, we are all alone.

    So keep writing, keep sharing and we will all gain strength from your experiences!

  2. Hey- no Alphabet house (ours would be a "ZZ" since it was built in 2003 or something). But we still have a house we rent in Everett that was built in 1926. We lived there when I was at UW. One morning when my daughter Bella was about 4 months old I let the dog into the basement to get out to the backyard. Her doggie footsteps in the basement sounded weird- splashy. We had about 6 inches of water at the back of the basement- it sloped- and it took the roto-rooter guy all 300 feet of roto-rooter thing to clear the clog in the drain. Fun times. It happened once to a renter we had. Luckily nothing was reallyl damaged either of the times. Thanks to rubbermaid. Rubbermaid tubs are awesome.

  3. :Sigh: This Tami chick sounds pretty lame! :) Thanks for the "shout out!"

  4. Well, you know, I guess I could have added some extra bells and whistles;)! But you're so darned awesome as you are!

  5. do you have any in-law (or out-law) stories? i need a good laugh or some shared frustrations! after 23 years of marriage and 2 states away they still can get on my last nerve!


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