Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So What Happened???

In my newfound child-reduced status I took the little boys on a walk this morning. We have a church on our block (Episcopal, to be precise) and there's a small playground behind it. I hear we're allowed to play back there but knowing me we'd probably be doing it one way or the other. So off we go.

Josh refuses to hold my hand because my baby is a MAN, not a 3 year old (just ask him). Sam runs ahead. A few houses down I stop to talk to a neighbor in the midst of the longest, biggest remodel I've ever witnessed. We only get a few words out about the status of the project when Josh yells, "MOM! PARK!" so I'm off with no news.

(If this house had a Facebook profile I would be its friend. I want to know all about it. I want to see its photo albums, send it flair, work on its FarmVille plot and let it beat me at Bejeweled Blitz. What I am is totally nosy and curious beyond measure about how a house of this magnatude and expense could possibly exist on my little block.)

The playground time is delightfully uneventful and we leave sometime later without a fight or need for bandages. Josh did get knocked upside the head by the tire swing but Josh always gets knocked upside the head by the tire swing. There's just no way around it.

The short walk back home takes us past Tia's house and Josh demands to go knock on her door. After thoroughly battering it with his tiny fists, the sounds of vacuuming end and she comes to the door.

"So what happened???"

Oh! My. Sorry. At least one loyal blog reader was not so interested in hearing about my own middle school sob story as she was in learning how my children fared. The ones I've been droning on about. Oops.

This is how it went: I thought maybe all their middle school fantasies had come true, all at once, on the first day. I was loading the boys into the van when I saw them walking down the street toward me. Deadly serious, sweating like dogs (it's still pretty hot around here), and mad as, well, really, really mad. Uh oh.

They insisted that I agreed to pick them up. And they WAITED!!! I was sure I said no such thing; it's just a few blocks away. Not a good start to the end of the day but I had a 3rd grader to pick up. When I returned I smoothed things over with a trip through the McDonald's drive-thru for ice cream. They quit complaining and told me about their day.

The day started out badly. They arrived to find students waiting outside in huge clusters defined by standards they knew not what. By grade? Homeroom? First period class? Hair color? Their dad helped them navigate that bit of choppy water but guess what? It went surprisingly well after that. Sierra found old friends, witnessed a teacher's hilarious puppet show version of the school's sexual harassment policy (featuring Wallace of “Wallace and Gromit” fame and a stuffed monkey), and decided that Concert Choir might not kill her (though lunch at 10 a.m. might). Michael found friends from church and elementary school as well. He also found that his first assignment in Home and Family is to bring a yard of fabric next Tuesday. They will be making aprons!!! On the upside, he's not the only guy in there and at least one is a friend. It sounds like they had a good time harassing each other about their rotten luck in class placement. Even better, he was pulled from class today to take a math test and passed with flying colors. He's in Algebra starting tomorrow.

So there you have it. Maybe tomorrow one will get jumped into a gang and the other will get their underwear run up the flag pole but as of right now, so far, so good.

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