Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sick Day

The facts were these:

-Three kids with sniffles and a cough.
-Two others recovering but still not 100%.
-One mom wanting nothing more than to remember where she packed away the electric blanket and crawl back into bed.

I heard there was Something going around. Whispers of *The Flu* and a *Bug* floating around. I crossed my fingers that we’d be spared but no. NO. Generally speaking I don’t pick up what the kids bring home but I’m not feeling so lucky right now. Not at all.

You know Sierra’s sick when she can’t get warm. More than most, she seems to be hot-blooded. She begged me to turn on the heat but one look at the thermostat told me the circumstances just didn’t warrant it yet. I brought her some blankets and DayQuil. Didn’t it used to be called DayCare? We called it DayQuil anyway which is probably the reason for the name change. But I digress. All the time I do.

So it’s more time off for her. When it’s obvious my children are Sick, it’s just so much easier to roll with it. What gets sticky around here is when I can’t quite determine if a child is sick enough to miss school. I hate to have them miss too much and I hate to think of them sitting in school feeling lousy. I hate to think of them giving whatever they’ve got to other people but that, friends, is secondary and embarrassedly so.

I’ve had those days when one child seems to be under the weather. Do I dose them up and hope for the best? Bad, I know. When I’m really not sure I’ve been known to tell them to at least stick with it through attendance. No one wants what you’ve got but the other thing no one wants is that call from the vice principal telling you a meeting is being set up to discuss your child’s many absences. Yeah, I got that call near the end of the last school year.

Once the decision to stay home has been made, do you make them stay in bed? Do you allow TV? We have so few kid-friendly channels that this is the best there was:

“On this special edition of Miami Animal Police, Sergeant Day gets justice for a herd of starving goats.”

(I have no idea how she can stand watching those shows. So depressing.)

Sierra was surprised to learn that PBSKids ends right before lunch. She was not impressed with the grandma on “Sit and Be Fit”:

“Today we’ll be doing some interesting things with a rolled up towel and a rubber band!”

What to do? I found my battered copy of Anne of Green Gables and handed it to her. Eyes rolled. She huffed and puffed.

“I’m not reading that! It’s boring! And probably stupid.”

There’s nothing like a tween to throw down the gauntlet. I sank into the bed next to her blanket-mummified self and began reading. I wasn’t sure if she’d pay any attention but soon the questions came:

“Why is Mrs. Rachel Lynde so bossy and nosy?”
“Why did they call it an ‘orphan asylum’?”
“Why aren’t Matthew and Marilla married? Why do they still live together?”
“But it’s gonna be a GIRL! How’d they make that mistake?”

I finally convinced her to LISTEN. Before long I needed to leave. Frustrated that I wouldn’t read another chapter to find out what Marilla was going to say when she found out the child was a girl, she grabbed the book and began to acquaint herself with Anne and the rest of Avonlea. So anyway, the day wasn’t a total loss.

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  1. What a great Mom you are!

  2. I struggle with the same issues about when to send my kid to school. I'll admit that more than once I haven't taken her temp because then I have deniability. And I'm a school nurse, for heaven's sake!

    This year, at the county health departments's request, in our district we have basically suspended the attendence policy due to the high rates of flu that are keeping kids out for a week or more. We're hoping that relaxing the policy of requiring a doctor's note for absences longer than 4 days will encourage parents to keep kids home until they're actually well enough to return to school.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the flu shots we got will protect our health and I won't have to make these difficult decisions about when she's well enough for school or sick enough to stay home. And what to do with the in-between days!


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