Friday, September 18, 2009

Sausage Fest Blues

That was quick.

Sausage Fest started at 5 p.m. and we walked over just as it started. We found a table in the shade and then remembered what an unholy pain in the butt it is to get in and out because there is no room to pass between tables if anyone sits back to back.


Michael and I left the kids and hit the lines for food. He waited for the sausages and I found the burgers, waffle fries, corn, and drinks. We returned and the complaining began. Sam decided he wanted a sausage on a bun. Josh’s sausage was too hot. Sharing drinks wasn’t making any of them happy. The older ones started in with each other and What Was That? Time to GO.

Too bad because I’m jonesing for a funnel cake and probably a few other delicious items.

From my window here I can see Michael Jr. sitting in my swing under one of the big sycamores out front. Brooding. Angry. I think that swing has kept him and Sierra from walking away a number of times. They get frustrated, storm out, then wind up in the swing.

When we came home they were both unhappy we left early. Sierra headed to the basement to use the computer but Michael Jr. was headed in the same direction. For the same thing. He argued that she’d been on it before we left; it was his turn. I told them both that no one was going to use it, she grabbed his arm (the girl has nails), and as I turned I saw Michael hit her over and over. It was absolutely frightening. I’d never seen him do anything like that.

So. Let me tell you what else has been going on.

I wrote the other day about middle school being fine for the most part. That there was one class with one student who seemed unable to live and let live. It finally came to a head (for me) on Wednesday when Michael came home and said the kid threatened to kill him. I really hate to use foul language on my blog (I know Aunt Becky, I’m such a disappointment;)!) but why tip-toe around it? He’s been called a dumb ass and a faggot regularly as well as having his binder thrown down (how sad is it to have your 13 year old ask you what a “faggot” is? Sadder is the telling part).

After hearing about the latest nonsense I decided to contact the school counselors and just ask what they suggested. I was at a loss because honestly, I just want to either follow the kid home and have a private convo with the parent(s) or instruct Michael to beat the living crap out of him. Both avenues have their flaws, I know. There’s that part of me that says, hey, here’s this kid who’s hurting inside. Who probably has a rotten home life and a bleak future if nothing changes. Another, louder part of me wants to knock him into the next county.

Thursday morning I heard from the principal. Seemed like a nice guy and he said he appreciated the tone of my e-mail. Most parents who contact him are out for blood. I guess I restrained myself. He said they were pretty sure who the culprit was (three kids in that class have the same name and Michael didn’t know his last name). They would have a talk with him and Michael would need to let them know if it continued so they could follow through. I had a bad feeling about that. There was just no way Michael was going to avoid the whole Tattle Tale title.

“Thanks a lot!” he yelled when he returned home. Just as I thought, it escalated. Now the boy’s friends were calling him a mama’s boy and making fun of him. It’s just getting worse. I’m considering telling the principal to just pretend we never spoke. Because let’s be real clear, this can only go one of two ways: Michael Jr. will continue being treated like garbage by this kid (and his friends now) and silently take it or this boy will take it a step further and Michael will beat him like he did his sister. He’s being punished for taking his anger out on her but I’ll take him out for ice cream if he returns fire on this kid. I am a BAD, BAD mom.

Michael and Sierra have appologized to each other, hugged it out, forgiven and, for the moment, forgotten. Still though, I'm pretty uneasy.

Question of the Day: Have you had to deal with bullies in your own life or in those of your kids? How did you handle it?
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  1. OMG!! make your day was suppose to get rid of that. And if your child has a "CONCERN" he should be alot to talk an admin at school without fear of being labled! you are being much niceer that i would!!
    and i have gotten kids suspended from that school!!!!
    you stick to your guns and let them know what the HELL is going on now!!!

    So far i have heard nothing good about Sausage fest, except good food!!

  2. Shocked! I am shocked! No child needs to go through this! I wish I had words of advice!

  3. do NOT put this on the back burner and think that it will get better! it never does! bullies have to be dealt with-or they grow stronger and scarier! if the school doesn't resolve this to your satisfaction then you MUST do something more! past personal experiences have all improved once addressed head on with both sets of parents & school! there has to be accountability and serious consequences or it will escalate! good luck-and keep us posted! we are in your corner & cheering you on! :)

  4. We had the same problem with a couple kids being mean to my oldest in 4th grade. I took it to the principal, teacher and counselor and nothing improved. So... I told him the next time the kid(that was the main culprit) did something to beat the crap out of him. My oldest objected because that meant he would be expelled but I told him that was fine just as long as he didnt start the fight but finished it then we would have fun the whole time he was suspended. That still applies even though he is in 7th now. I am tired of the schools bullying programs and then nothing is done about the problem. I'll take my kids out for ice cream and a movie just so long as they stand up for themselves.


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