Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Life As An Abandoned Garden Behind My Garage

“A dream you dream alone may be a dream but a dream two people dream together is a reality” – John Lennon

I don’t know what he was smoking but I could probably Google it. That’s the kind of nonsense thinking that got me in trouble in the first place.

Michael and I, hard as it may be to believe now, were at one point childless. We dreamed of a big family, a home filled with love and kindness. Kids who pulled their weight around the house and who honored their father and mother. At the very least, we dreamed that Sundays would be pleasant.

Today, especially, should’ve been. After a year of meeting at 9 a.m., our ward now meets at 11 a.m. This means Tiff can stay up late, goof off, forget she’s a practically-40 year old mother of five. Right? It doesn’t matter. I did it anyway. And anyone who knows me can finish the paragraph. I woke up later than I should have, Michael ironed the boys’ clothes that I should have, I rushed to bath (or lecture into bathing) five kids that should’ve done it the night before. There were arguments, mayhem, foolishness, and even a child left behind who refused to get in the car (we thought better of it, circled around and collected the culprit). In church I sat and watched two of my children whispering while another tattled about it. Over and over. Another sat drawing a picture of what appeared to be a chainsaw massacre while the youngest stuck his tongue out at a child sitting in front of us. I can’t control all of this. How is this the Sabbath? How is this my day of rest? This is NOT our dream.

And this, dear friends, is what comes of dreaming instead of DOING. Preparing for the Sabbath (cracking the scriptures, making sure the kids are ready the night before, family meetings about behavior expectations) would be a start. Howard Jones had a song entitled “Dream into Action” and the lyrics have just about zero to do with what I’m talking about. But the title says it all. You can’t just dream. Even in tandem.

Michael’s Gospel Essentials lesson today was about faith. We talked about how faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel. The faith part is Essential. But after that, it’s all about ACTION. I can’t improve, become more Christ-like, fight the Adversary without behaving my way through it. By doing. A perfect example of this is my garden.

I should be way too embarassed to show you this picture. If you know my parents you're certainly wagging your finger at your computer screen. So anyway, my garden is a terraced affair to one side of my garage. I can’t see it from inside my house and as you know, She’s in the House. It’s just too easy to forget I even have a garden. My dad has faith in me. He took his rototiller and prepared the ground. I have faith in the Law of the Harvest so I sowed crops I wanted to reap. Here’s where it sort of goes south. I got busy. I took off for a week or more at a time. Often. I had faith in the sprinkler system. It’s all good, right? So darned much faith going on but not nearly enough action.

Out of idle curiosity, I wandered out to the garden a few days ago. I was hoping for some zucchini but aside from that and a Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, I couldn’t remember what I’d planted. I did find one big zucchini but that was about the only thing worth walking away with. There were weeds almost as tall as me choking the life out of everything I planted. Many things were dead and the pumpkin was taking over much more than its allotted space. All of this could have been avoided with some focused action each day. And probably not a whole lot either.
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  1. Sometimes I find that Sunday's our my least restful day. I can never stop thinking of things that I should be doing. The kids are always crabby when I try to recruit them to help!

    Today when I found out that our furniture was coming early and went to check on the girls room that they SWORE was clean, I got so frustrated that I took all of their toys and put them in the garage - Sigh...maybe I will be a better mother next week...


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