Monday, September 14, 2009

Mama Bear

Here's Domo again. This picture reminded me of myself in Mama Bear mode which I've found myself in the last week or so. So far middle school is working out fine for Michael and Sierra. Socially speaking I suppose. Academically it doesn’t seem like anyone is asking much of them but the year’s just begun so maybe things will speed up. The one thing that gets to me is some of the downright unkindness of some kids. It isn’t the majority and it isn’t anyone whose opinion matters to the kids but the Mama Bear in me starts to rise up when I hear of ANYONE calling my kid a geek, or worse yet, laying hands on him. Intellectually I know to back off. My kid doesn’t care and has plenty of other friends. He tells me this stuff as he laughs over a snack after school. He knows the kid in question is just trying to make himself look bigger and badder and he’s just making himself look stupid. But still I think I WISH I’D BEEN THERE. I know I need to just stop and be thankful my son has his head screwed on right and pray for the gift of maturity for the other child in question. But it’s really rough just smiling and acting unaffected. Really rough.

And onto another instance of completely immature behavior, it sounds like Kanye West had a rough go of it last night. As I wrote last night, we don’t get many channels, so I didn’t actually see the MTV Video Music Awards show (though I suppose I wouldn’t have watched it anyway) but it seems to be all anyone could talk about on the radio today. What happened? Well, from what I hear, Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Music Video. She came forward to accept her moon-man award but before she could say anything more than “I sing country music so thanks for giving me a chance to win a VMA award! I . . .” Kanye West jumped on stage, grabbed the mic from her and told her that he was really happy for her but, “Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the Best Videos of All Time!!!” Someone on the radio this morning described the look on her face as just like that of Sissy Spacek in the movie “Carrie” when the pig blood was dumped on her head as she was announced prom queen.

It was completely childish so of course my thoughts ran to my kids. How upsetting it is to see how they treat each other at times. The judgmental outrage at the injustice when something good happens to one whom they consider unworthy. The inability to see that sometimes things don’t go the way you want and that it’s okay. That sometimes, if you take the long view, things work out for everyone. That eventually we all get what’s coming to us.

He got some of what was coming to him almost immediately. He claims to be a genius but I wonder if he really thought even one step ahead of that move. The audience roundly booed him and then did so again when he was up for an award. I imagine even folks who aren’t into her brand of music, even folks who enjoy his, found themselves in her corner. What I don’t know is how long our collective memory is. How long we, as consumers, will make him pay.

Taylor got what was coming to her as well. An entire audience of fellow performers (etc.) cheering for her, chanting her name, loving her up. As soon as Kanye handed the microphone back to a startled Ms. Swift, it was turned off. Unable to finish her acceptance speech, she stood in stunned silence. It could have ended there but the night did have a final shining moment.

Apparently Kanye was right and Beyoncé got what she deserved as well. . She won the award for Video of the Year. If he could have waited, just a little bit, he’d have seen his intercession was in no way wanted or needed. In a really sweet show of humanity, Beyoncé told of her first VMA at the age of 17 with her group Destiny’s Child. How special that memory is to her. She welcomed Taylor back out to finish her speech and the crowd went wild.

Life is sort of like that. So, so much better when we stand up for each other, treat each other with respect, lift each other up. Kanye paraphrases Neitzche in his song “Stronger”:

“Now that that don’t kill me can only make me stronger”

In his case, I for one heartily disagree.
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  1. Sorry about your kiddos getting picked on. We actually had an instance last year with Zoey (who was in Kindergarten) getting picked on by a 1st grader. (Man they start young!) You better believe her overprotective daddy was down at the school to straighten it out!

  2. I'm thankful it's just the oldest and he can handle it but they're both coming home asking me what certain words mean. "Faggot" was the latest one. These middle schooler's are bombarded with truly foul language non-stop. The kids say they hear the "F-Word" constantly outside of class. Sad.

  3. I think it's going to physically hurt me when my kids get picked on. Ben dealt with a bully already and that was pretty hard, but with Amelia especially, because she is so different, it's going to break my heart.


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