Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jesus Is a Ninja

Let me start by saying I’m constantly amazed by what my kids know and by what they don’t know.

Michael Jr. has been under the weather so I kept him home from school yesterday and today. Yesterday as he sat painting a watercolor of a cape buffalo, Sam walked up and asked him if he knew about a lizard that walks on water.

“Yeah. The Green Basilisk. The Jesus Lizard.”
“Jesus Lizard?”
“Jesus walked on water. This lizard walks on water. Get it?”
“Jesus walked on water?! Jesus was a NINJA?”

How does Michael know all this stuff? How does Sam know what ninjas (supposedly) can do but NOT know that Jesus walked on water? You think you’ve covered the basics but there are holes. At least around here. Guess I know what the next Family Home Evening story will be. And by the way, it’s The Jesus Christ Lizard. The Jesus Lizard is an alternative rock band out of the Chicago IL area.

(Jesus was a Ninja. How nuts is that? Being the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, I assumed correctly that it already had an internet presence. Here is one person’s reasoning: http://www.flancrestenterprises.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=6)

This afternoon I was making myself useful, deep cleaning and organizing a closet that practically has a life of its own. I really wasn’t paying a lot of attention to anything else. The realization of an eerie quiet hit me and I went in search of Josh. I found him in the kitchen with several dump trucks, beach toys, and a pile of sand. In the KITCHEN! How does he not know better? Probably because, as usual, I just laughed and pulled out my beloved shop vac.
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  1. At least you took a picture - when he is older, these will be some of your favorites! One of my favorite pics (that took me a month to fully clean up) involved both Marissa and Brynn age 2 and 1, alone in there room with a bottle of baby powder...the only thing that wasn't white was their eye balls!


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