Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Search for Sabbath Skinny Jeans

I’m having fun with my site meter. Each day I check out the location of folks who visit and what brought them here (Facebook, NetworkedBlogs, Twitter, Google Reader, a Google search, or just a straight shot). It’s a little deceptive though; when Michael reads it from his laptop it says he’s in Ellensburg, WA and when Jim Barton from Phoenix is here it says Gresham, OR. When I was on my parent’s computer in Yelm it identified me as coming from somewhere in Tennessee. So really I have no idea. The part I really like is finding out what words were used in Google searches to end up here. I regularly get hits from the phrases “Knock, Knock, Who’s There It’s Gilly” and "Happy Falker Satherhood" and I had “Mike and Sarah Wedding Cle Elum” a few days ago, but I think one from yesterday was the best: “Sabbath Skinny Jeans”. I wonder what was on that person’s mind?

Today the kids asked me to play a game of Phase 10 with them. I like the game but like I’ve mentioned before, it’s pretty awful playing with them. Being a glutton for punishment good mom I said yes. Also because I have a short memory and gloss over each train wreck the previous games have been. This game was no different expect this time I got smart and turned on the Yacker Tracker. I ♥ the Yacker Tracker. The first time I saw one at the kids’ school cafeteria I knew I had to have my own. It looks like a traffic signal and you can adjust the decibel level that will make the lights go from green to yellow to red. Yellow is the warning and red means mom quits playing. Because she’s a quitter and will look for ANY excuse. It seemed to work until I won the fourth round in a row and Sierra loudly accused me of being mean. I should also add that Josh enjoys making the light turn red and the siren blare so it’s not a perfect system.

Today Michael Jr. walked up to me with a magazine in his hand and just held the advertisement up to my face. Hmmm. A new show on Discovery Channel tonight. I know what he’s really saying. You see we don’t get that channel anymore. We down-graded to the most basic of all cable options because we felt we were spending way too much and the younger kids were glued to Disney and Nickelodeon. I think the reasoning was sound but I sure miss flipping on the Tivo while I fold or iron clothes. I mean I still do, I just get tired of Law and Order reruns. I miss Project Runway, Top Chef, The Closer, Flipping Out, The Rachel Zoe Project, Clean House, Psych and so many others. So the question is, would we be able to curb ourselves and the children if we upgraded? There are some good deals right now and I’m thinking about it (Michael Sr. says we just need to go to the library—I’d like to see him try to read a book and fold laundry at the same time!). Maybe the answer is to get it and block those channels that cause trouble. PBS Kids is good enough around here*. In fact when “Arthur” comes on all five of them sit down to watch. That and "Cyberchase"**. I’ve also thought about insisting on no TV for the kids during the week but that’s just crazy talk. Or is it? Have any of you tried it?

Michael Jr. made snickerdoodles tonight and I just heard him tell Kenny, “You don’t get to eat all 60 of them all at once!” I didn’t even know that was an option. I’m trying my best to steer clear but these are SNICKERDOODLES so the odds are against me. It occurred to me today that I don’t take enough pictures of Michael Jr. so I snapped this one while he was baking. His eyebrows narrowed and he gave me a look. “That’s not going on Facebook is it? Don’t forget to mention I made these, NOT you.” Message received.

*Well, I would probably have to watch “Phineas and Ferb”.
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  1. We have a TV but it is only used for our Wii and dvd player nothing else. We can't afford cable and the rabbit ears doesn't work either so we get no channels. Our kids don't miss it one bit. They play with their toys and use their imaginations. They are allowed to play on the computers on permission bases only. On Friday and Saturday nights are movie nights for them so they only watch 2 movies out of the week. It is nice not having a TV running constantly. I have figured out how to watch the shows I like to watch on the internet on my laptop downstairs so I can fold my laundry or just relax on the couch.

    TV rots the mind and doesn't do much for them anyways. If they are interested in something have them research it on the internet or the library and they can get the same out of it as the TV shows and maybe even find something better. Encourage book reading for fun. There are other things than TV to do.

  2. do NOT upgrade the cable!!! we did and i am the one who watches way too much tv!!! it's really not worth the extra monthly cash!!! :)

  3. I am TOTALLY depressed that my search term feature was disabled somehow and I can no longer find what brings people to my doorstep.

    On second thought, after seeing what some of the uncle pervies had to say, maybe it's better that way.

  4. In the process of instigating a no-TV on school nights policy....ask me about it in few months. Our Tivo has a passode we have set for daytime hours so we can control it a bit more. I'm sad that Laura seems to have outgrown Noggin, mostly cute, non-hyper shows--I miss them!


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