Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feels Like The First Time

Well, the good news is that I somehow avoided an epileptic seizure from the concert light show. I’m convinced it was touch and go for a while. Okay, I’m mostly kidding but I probably did suffer significant hearing loss. I have high hopes it’s only temporary because I can’t wait to do it again.

When Nina asked us all awhile back if we’d like to do a Girls’ Night out to see Heart in concert I almost said no. I mean it’s just not me. I haven’t gone to a concert in a long time. Like a lifetime ago.

My first concert was Neil Diamond. With my parents. I KNOW. I was in 5th grade and it was his “Forever in Blue Jeans” tour. It was something that embarrassed me for years after but I’ve come full circle and now fully embrace my Neil-Love. I grew up with that man’s music and I’m sorry but he ROCKS.

After that it was Journey and Bryan Adams while I was in middle school. I went with the Scheurich girls and their aunt. In 8th grade I went to see The Scorpions and Ratt by myself. I KNOW. Hard to believe my parents actually let me and what’s more, I forgot my ticket and they actually drove back to Yelm for it. The Scorpions truly do ROCK.

In high school Jeff took me to a few concerts. I remember a Lynard Skynard farewell concert but I know there were more (I KNOW. Didn’t they have a number of “farewell” tours?). It’s funny what I remember and what’s a blur. Oh! I remember now! A college boyfriend took me to see a Cocteau Twins and Galaxy 500 concert. Wonder how I forgot that? I think I blocked out that entire misadventure.

So now that you’ve waded through the most boring history in the history of this (or any other) blog you may want to bid me a semi-fond farewell. I’m sorry; when I thought about what to write today, this sounded way more interesting in my head. That actually happens a lot.

The people-watching at this concert was phenomenal. Maybe it always is. Our group sat next to a couple in their 70’s (I’d guess) and in front of us were several young women. There were people that looked like they stepped right out of 1982 and the hair!!! Oh there were some awesome hairstyles going on. There were folks rocking out complete with requisite head-banging and at one point I did fear for my life (or at least my head) as a woman several seats to my right threw her arms around in time to the music with a long neck in her precarious grip. I could just picture it flying at me, slow motion-style, in time to “Magic Man”.

So, it was actually a pretty awesome event and it makes me wish Michael would have joined us. He’d have had to put up with a lot of our goofiness (A LOT) but it would’ve been fun. We’ve never seen a concert together so I think he really needs to find some magical way to score some U2/Black Eyed Peas tickets. Boom Boom Pow!
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  1. The camera patrol woman is all I have to say!

  2. My first concert at age 12 or 13: Olivia Newton John. Went with my DAD.


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