Friday, August 14, 2009

Our 15th

I don’t know if it was the staying up until the wee hours of the morning or just having nothing much I really had to do today but I did almost nothing for the entirety. Unless you include going out to lunch and dinner and a movie and DQ. I did manage to clean the kitchen floors from all the party madness the night before but there was no getting around that. The sugar ants play to win around here.

And what is the occasion for such wanton disregard of my normal routine? It’s our 15th anniversary. Why should I lift a finger (life goes on, you have five kids, the laundry isn’t going to do itself, What’s for Dinner?, the lawn needs mowing)?

So I didn’t. Michael worked on some things and took a break with me (for me, a break within a break) to try pho for the first time. The Facebook consensus seemed to be Yummie Pho in Kennewick so we headed there. We ordered the spring rolls (without warning, studded with large shrimp—all mine!), some sort of pot stickers, and beef and meatball pho. The beef was fine but the meatballs were oh so scary. Seriously disgusting texture. I can’t even describe what I thought of them without being completely vulgar. Aside from that drama (and words such as “tendon”, “tripe”, and “fish ball” sprinkled throughout the menu—almost lost my dinner just writing that) it was pretty tasty. I’d go back and try some other things I saw. But no, I’m not a devoted pho follower at this stage of the game.

Michael took me to Anthony’s for dinner and it was so, so good. The blackened rockfish was delish but the best, of course, is the burnt cream. A bucket of that would be my green mile request. It’s almost better than, well, I’ll just let it suffice to say it’s dreamy.

We are in a date night rut; it’s always dinner and a movie and really, around here, what else is there? Please do not tell me about hiking, kayaking, biking, or anything else that requires effort and sweat. I want to dress up and forget effort and sweat. Is that asking so much? No it isn’t. Anyway, after going back and forth about it, we decided to see “Julie and Julia” instead of “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. That’ll be tomorrow night with Deena. Clearly it’s a chick flick.

Do you know me? Have we met? I have a big mouth. I just say things sometimes. Walking toward the stairs in the theater I asked Michael where he’d like to sit. We sit in the middle a lot but I asked if he’d like to sit in the back and make-out. I mean it is our anniversary. I said it in a conversational tone, no hush to it. The looks on the faces around us were priceless. Poor Michael.

I can hardly believe it’s been 15 years that this man has put up with me. Seems like just yesterday we were exchanging vows at Lake Lawrence Lodge . . .
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