Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Sunday

I read the paper today! I learned that ferruginous hawks may become endangered species, the Olympic Peninsula is poised for the next big earth quake, and today is Madonna’s 51st birthday. A Thai elephant received an artificial leg, Washington’s Department of Transportation is looking for volunteers to count bicyclists and walkers (huh?), and Britain is encouraging backyard beekeeping. I guess that wasn’t a total waste of time. Maybe. I don’t know.

I substituted in Kenny’s Primary class today and had a delightful time! We had music time first with Sister Byrd and as she’s new, she asked the children if they remembered her name. She gave them a hint: it’s the name of an animal. One child immediately yelled, “Cantaloupe!” We laughed and realized she was trying to say “Antelope”, which you have to admit would be a sweet last name. And what a fun teacher Sister Byrd is! She let the children take turns standing still while she threw bean bags to them. The colors of the bean bags represented different things, such as Girls Only, Eyes Shut, Extra Loud, Standing, Whispering, Plug Ears, etc. What you catch is how we sing the next song. We must’ve looked hilarious singing a song extra loud, standing, with our eyes shut!

Before class began I snuck a Rice Krispy treat to Tami because we’re going to be Real Friends, not just on Facebook and you know, she leaves the most comments on my blog. My readers are not big commenters (my spell check doesn’t believe that’s a Real Word) so I don’t usually have a clue what they think. Also, I don’t know why some people are “Followers” and some who read it aren’t. Oh yeah, it could be embarrassing or something. I totally get that.

There were only three children today so (sorry parents!) I plied them with Rice Krispy treats for nine. I made those because the sweetest little girl I’ve ever met (I love my daughter but she’s not the sweetest little girl ANYONE has ever met—sweet just isn’t the right word) is in the class and she’s allergic to lots of delicious things, most notably (to me at least) is chocolate. How a person survives and not only survives but smiles as much as she does WITHOUT chocolate is to me, a modern miracle.

The lesson was about how Jesus loves all children and I told them stories about children from places such as Holland, Fiji, and Mexico. We found these places on the map (and had to explain to their blank faces that people call The Netherlands Holland but North Holland and South Holland are just two of twelve provinces in The Netherlands—we just weren’t going to find the word “Holland” on my small placemat map). We discussed how they lived lives that were similar and very different from ours. Then we had to consult my iPhone to find out if Fiji has monkeys. That seemed like a very important inquiry to them. Oh my gosh I love this class!

I made grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and beans for dinner. The beans were just a package of Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Soup Mix cooked up with some seasonings. I thought it was really tasty but several children accused me of cooking jail food. That was a first in the complaint department. I need to figure out a good natural-consequence punishment for giving my food The Heisman. Maybe they need to help cook the next meal. Or no! Maybe they need to eat that same food each meal until they learn to zip it! Actually, that sounds hilarious! Any good Eat-It-Or-Else ideas out there? I remember Fudge having to “Eat it or wear it!” in "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" but that doesn’t seem practical. Again, hilarious, but ick.


  1. eat it or starve...and no snacks after supper ;) that's how mom raised us...i do it with rylee too and she's still alive!!!

  2. That I do. No nothing if you don't like what I cooked. These kids seem to think that's no punishment at all, almost a reprieve!


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