Saturday, August 22, 2009

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It’s 8:15 p.m. and I’m watching Sierra rock Josh (together now, *ahhh!*) while we all watch “Dirty Jobs”. Mike Rowe is busy knocking frozen peesicles off sled dog houses. As far as dirty jobs go, that seems pretty tame. I mean honestly, it’s not like it would even smell bad.

My dear Ellen was coming up from Portland around noon so Mom asked if I’d make crab and corn chowder for lunch. No problemo. No problemo except no creamed corn in the house (who actually eats that anyway? Never mind, I don’t really care). I headed out to buy a few cans and for the first time ever I decided to head into Rainier instead of Yelm. I figured it HAD to be quicker. What are the chances I would arrive in Rainier ten minutes before the start of the Rainier Round Up parade? That I would be trapped in the Rainier Market parking lot? Apparently 100%. And why have I never heard of the Rainier Round Up? I love blue grass and yet these details elude me.

I wasn’t actually trapped, there was an exit around back, but I did have to find my way through back roads I haven’t traveled in decades. Vail Cut-Off to Runyon; like riding a bike I guess. In the mean time Dad was bringing the kids back from a trip to Lacey for back to school haircuts and Slurpees and they hit the parade chaos straightaway. A string of obscenities flew that the kids are still giggling about . . .

It sure was great to have Ellen to hang around with for the day. We ate, drove to Stewarts for her first time (I know, I know, all her years living here and NEVER), picked buckets of green beans with Dad, and ate some more. Her littlest guy, Cooper, palled around with Josh while they were here and they seemed to have a streak of mischief in common! As Ellen and I cleared the dinner dishes and talked with my mom, I began to mentally count kids; I do this all the time. Uh oh. No Josh. No Cooper. I began looking outside and then in and until I finally found them in the mudroom. There they sat on the floor playing with a full watering can and a bottle of icky green dog shampoo. All over the floor. Josh was so happy to finally have a partner in crime! I just wish I knew when/if he was going to get beyond this whole destructo-baby thing because, well, he’s no baby anymore. He’s completely old enough to get what he’s doing is not okay. He knows to sneak off, close doors, deny, deny, deny when he gets into things. I’m pretty sure he’ll be my undoing but don’t tell him that. He’s got enough power as it is . . .

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